October 28, 2020

Campus Style: Sweater Guide

By Lexy Yulich

When the weather gets cold and it gets darker much earlier, cozy sweaters can do a lot to brighten up winter days. Here are the five essential sweaters that you are going to want to wear all season:

Color block sweaters add vibrance to a neutral wardrobe. (Instagram)
  1. Oversized white sweater. My friends always joke that my closet consists of nothing but cozy white sweaters! The reason I own so many is because they are incredibly versatile and pair well with almost any bottom.
  2. Color block. Color blocking is a popular trend that is making its way into many stores! I love these sweaters because they are an easy way to add color to any outfit. I usually gravitate toward neutral colors, which allows me to mix things up with the rest of my outfit.
  3. Cozy Cardigan. Cardigans are awesome because they keep you warm but can be paired with a T-shirt or tank top, which lets you keep wearing your favorite summer pieces even in the coldest weather. Cardigans can be dressed up or paired with leggings for a casual look.
  4. Turtleneck. Wearing a turtleneck is like wearing a sweater and a scarf at the same time. Not only are they practical because they keep your neck warm, but they are also sophisticated and stylish. Turtlenecks can be worn with a skirt, leggings, jeans or even trousers, depending on what type of look you are going for.
  5. Cable Knit. I love cable knit sweaters because they add dimension to any outfit, and they are usually warmer than a regular cotton sweater. I usually purchase my cable knit sweaters from the J. Crew Mercantile, which is similar to an outlet, or American Eagle, which has a wide array of colors.

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