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Student sell original works at Arter’s Market

By Rachel Boland

The market exhibits abstract artwork. (Sam Shaw / Staff Photographer)

Shirts, knit hats, stickers and ceramics — these were just a few of the items that were up for sale at the Rebel Art Movement’s Winter Arter’s Market. The event, which was held on Friday, Nov. 30 in the Art and Interactive Multimedia building, featured arts and crafts items created by art education and fine arts majors.

Estefany Rodriguez, a junior art education major, created engravings and art prints for the event, which she created in AIMM’s makerspace.

“Basically I engrave it and I fill it in with tempera paint,” she said. “The only hard part is figuring out the material, because plexiglass gets scratched up pretty easily.”

Rodriguez emphasized the importance of art majors keeping up with developing technology.

“With technology evolving, I feel like as an art educator I should know how to use those tools,” she said.

Rodriguez’s table, along with the tables of the other student vendors, were arranged in a U-shape along the courtyard, with lights on each table to better showcase the art and light the way for students walking through.

This annual event allows students to express creativity through their art and make items they may not normally produce in their classes.

Marissa Sozio, a senior art education major, used the opportunity to make decorative wine glasses and canvas art. One of her pieces titled, “Whoamen,” featured pictures from Time Magazine of prominent male figures, such as President Donald Trump and Kanye West, with makeup and glitter painted on them.

“I like doing feminist art,” she said. “I like mix media.”

Sozio also spoke about her wine glasses, which featured animated movie characters.

“I think they’re interesting because they can be used or put for show,” she said. “They’re fun to celebrate for a birthday or special occasion.”

Sozio has showcased her art at the event ever since her freshman year.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “I really like doing it because I like proving that art people in education can make art too.”

The event had featured a music soundtrack and refreshments like hot chocolate and s’mores to help warm up the many students in attendance.

If students attending the event did not want to purchase art, they were still free to walk around, enjoy the atmosphere and take a break from the stress of upcoming finals.

“I liked that the Arter’s Market allowed for students to share their art and creations with our community,” said Cassie Halper, a junior psychology and communication studies double major. “It was cool to see the different mediums of work that students use, and it’s a nice way to support student-made work.”


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