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Cop Shop: CA discovers unidentified sleeping guest

By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Theft occurs on basketball court

Campus Police met with a male student at Campus Police Headquarters on Feb. 15 at approximately 9:55 a.m. on account of a reported theft at the Recreation Center. According to the student, his wallet was stolen out of his pants pocket, which was on the left side of the basketball court while he was playing handball. The student reported that the theft occurred on Feb. 14 at approximately 8:40 p.m.

The student described his wallet as a Grey Tumi wallet that contains cash, a driver’s license, a debit card, multiple credit cards, an NJ Transit Path Card and a rewards card.

Female student loses property at T-Dubs Dining

On Feb. 15 at approximately 10:13 p.m., Campus Police met with a female student at Campus Police Headquarters on account of lost property. According to the student, her wallet was either lost or stolen from T-Dubs Dining at approximately 9:45 p.m. on Feb. 14.

She described it as a black leather Kate Spade wallet that contained multiple debit cards, a credit card, an identification card, multiple rewards cards and an insurance card.

Guest sleeps in residence lounge

On Feb. 16 at approximately 1:55 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the lounge of a residence in Townhouses East in reference to a report of an unconscious person. Upon arrival, Campus Police observed a sleeping black male on the first-floor lounge couch. Officers proceeded to wake the individual.

The individual then told Campus police that he was visiting his friend, who told him that he could sleep on the couch in the first-floor common area.

The individual who called Campus Police, the community adviser who lived in the residence, reported that she came home and saw a male on the couch in the first floor common area. She then attempted to wake him up without success.

She then sent out a group text message to see if the male was a guest of a housemate, but she did not get a response. The CA then proceeded to contact the CA on duty and called Campus Police.

Campus Police then proceeded to the second floor of the residence and observed a long folding table with approximately 25 empty Busch and Bud Light beer cans and several 16-ounce red plastic cups. They then proceeded to knock on the door of the alleged friend of the male visitor sleeping on the couch on the first floor.

One of the males in the room proceeded to open the door. Campus Police observed two males sleeping in the room. One of the individuals woke up and identified himself as a student. He was then asked by Campus Police if the male on the first floor was his friend. The student proceeded downstairs and verified that the male sleeping on the couch was his friend.

The student and male visitor were then asked to produce identifications, which neither did. After several further requests, the student then proceeded to give Campus Police his driver’s licence, while the male visitor denied having identification.

He then proceeded to give Campus Police his date of birth and name. Campus Police was unable to identify the male visitor after running his information through the system.

Professional staff was advised of the situation and arrived to the scene shortly after. The student was advised to let his other housemates know that he was having company in the common area and that someone from Residential Life would be in contact with him in reference to the alcohol.

The student was issued an underage drinking summons and was advised of his court date. He then stood up to leave the first floor.

As he was walking, he said that if his guest had not been African-American, then the situation would not have happened. The Pro-staff member heard the comment and reminded the student of the Townhouse guest policy. She also told him that his comment was inappropriate and they would conducting a meeting with him soon.


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