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‘Broad City’ star brings laughs to Kendall Hall

By Len La Rocca
Distribution Manager

Gabriella Lucci / Staff Photographer

Ilana Glazer’s comedy show was a night full of comedic relief and jokes that covered everything from politics to sex and drugs.

Her material had the Kendall Hall audience erupting with laughter. Glazer, who stars in the hit TV show “Broad City,” attracted both fans of the sitcom as well as comedy lovers seeking an escape from hectic college life during her performance on Feb. 26 at 8 p.m.

Glazer presented with undeniable wit and charisma. She offered political commentary on President Donald Trump and commended students for their commitment to social progression.

Later on in her show, she hilariously articulated the struggles of menstruation. She shared her gripes over the Diva Cup, which is a silicone menstrual cup that can be used instead of a pad or tampon.

“I can’t see an actual diva using a Diva Cup,” Glazer said. “Can you imagine Ariana Grande doing that waddle to the sink? Mariah Carey bending down at just the right angle?”

She also shared some of her career highlights, which included working with RuPaul and Seth Rogen at Comedy Central.

“I can text RuPaul,” Glazer said. “I don’t, but I have the capability.”

Students were more than satisfied with her performance.

“I thought she was fantastic,” said Marissa Marchello, a senior public health major.  “The school … somehow knew I just discovered her and all of a sudden she shows up on campus.”

Glazer concluded by giving some life advice to students — she encouraged them to exercise their right to vote, use marijuana only in moderation and emphasized the need to stay away from smoking concentrated marijuana through “dabs.”

“For the love of God please don’t dab,” she said. “That’s just crazy.”

Comedian Shalewa Sharpe opened for Glazer. Sharpe was a hit among students, as she poked fun at the fashion industry and how hard it was to find clothes that fit.

“It’s like ‘The Hunger Games’ having to find a pair of jeans that fit online where I gotta’ fight with all the other fatties and beat them to it,” Sharpe joked.

Josh Leidig, a junior finance major and show organizer for the College Union Board, thought the show was a massive success in the end.


“It went really well,” he said. “She was hilarious and everyone seemed like they had a great time. I was just incredibly excited because so many people love her.”



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