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Cop Shop: Non-consensual sexual crime occurs on campus

By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Police respond to roof access tampering

On Feb. 28 at approximately 6:45 p.m., a College superintendent and project manager reported to Campus Police that the roof access door of Wolfe Hall appeared to be tampered with — the lock was jammed and the door could not be opened. At approximately 7:03 p.m., a College Access Control employee on call was contacted to address the issue.

Professional Staff arrived on the scene at approximately 7:31 p.m. and reported that there was damage to the door — which appeared to be old — and said that the supervisor of Access Control had been notified. He stated that he tried to access the door with a screwdriver and was met with negative results. He believed the situation would be fine until a more permanent solution could be arranged.

Campus Police arrived on scene at approximately 7:50 p.m. and observed signs of tampering to the access door. However, the door remained secured.

Photographs were taken in addition to the report. The case remains open.

Intoxicated student vomits several times

On March 3 at approximately 1:30 a.m., a senior security officer observed two males walking near Cromwell Hall assisting their friend. The SSO determined the male who needed assistance was intoxicated and called for Campus Police.

Upon arrival, Campus Police observed the male sitting on a bench near Cromwell Hall, visibly intoxicated. There were two other males who were identified on scene as residents and students at the College. The two males admitted that they were coming from an off-campus party and were trying to assist their friend back to his dorm room. When Campus Police asked the visibly intoxicated male for his license, he failed to produce one. Campus Police noted that the student’s speech was slurred. He was then asked for his date of birth, which he provided. The student then proceeded to provide another possible date of birth. Campus Police provided both dates to dispatch. Dispatch was then able to confirm the identity of the intoxicated male.

The intoxicated student then proceeded to admit to Campus Police that he had consumed an unknown amount of vodka. Professional Staff and TCNJ EMS then arrived on scene to evaluate the student. While they were assessing the student, he vomited multiple times. TCNJ EMS requested for Basic Life Support ambulatory services to transport the student for further medical treatment. Ewing EMS then arrived on scene and transported the intoxicated student. He was issued a summons for underage drinking.

Campus Police receives report of sex crime

On March 7 at approximately 6:54 p.m., a campus-wide email alerted the College community of a report of a non-consensual sexual crime that had taken place in a residence hall on campus. The crime occurred after the parties had allegedly met through a dating app. The alleged perpetrator is not a student at the College. The email detailed precautionary measures for students to take when interacting with strangers. The case is currently under investigation, according to Campus Police.


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