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Campus Style: 3 Essential Pieces You’ll Need for College

By Diana Solano 
Distribution Manager

It’s that time of year when weekend beach trips are replaced with going to classes and enjoying the lovely fall weather. We’ll be trading in our flip flops for sneakers and tank tops for comfy t-shirts and denim jackets. 

The task of figuring out what to bring and wear during the half-summer/half-fall time period can be overwhelming. But fear not, because here is a list of the three essential pieces that should absolutely be included in your college wardrobe.

1. Denim 

A jean jacket, skirt or a good old pair of good-fitting jeans are a must! Although summer is ending, it doesn’t mean that we have to pull out our winter coats just yet. Fall is a lovely time of year when the air is crisp and you can put on a jean jacket if it’s a chilly day. You can also style a jean skirt or jean pants with some boots and a t-shirt or a long sleeve. These articles of clothing give you a combination for the fall weather where you want to avoid feeling chilly but don’t want to be bundled up. 

2. T-shirts 

White t-shirts are not only easy to find while shopping, but are also easy to style and can take a regular outfit up a notch. A white t-shirt can be styled with blue jeans or gray joggers and in a matter of seconds and you have an outfit to go to class with. You don’t just have to pack that one white t-shirt — you can also bring graphic tees or tees you got from high school. They’re a nice reminder of home and add a distinct part to your outfit. 

3. Lounge Wear 

Whoever said leggings aren’t pants has never woken up 10 minutes late to an 8:00 a.m. class and had to run across campus in the rain. Black leggings pretty much go with everything in your closet and are comfortable to wear. Loungewear such as hoodies and joggers are a must-have for every college student, especially for the fall. The options and combinations of your loungewear are endless and can be worn around your dorm, on campus, at the gym and in class.  


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