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SG expands food guidelines, Title IX training

By Caroline King
Staff Writer

Student Government discussed new food guidelines and introduced three resolutions at its meeting on Sept. 11 in the Education Building Room 115.

The members discuss new health procedures for meal donations (Jennifer Somers / Photo Editor).

SG began with a moment of silence for the first few minutes, as the meeting was held on the 18th anniversary of 9/11.

Following the moment of silence and Flag Salute, Kelly Hennessy, the interim assistant vice president for student affairs, and Dave Conner, the director of student involvement, went over new food safety guidelines for on-campus events held by organizations.  

Hennessy said that these were “guidelines,” and not strict policy, for students who are using food to raise money at different events.

The guidelines deal primarily with food sales, food service and suggested donations. The first is described as the required exchange of a fixed amount of money for a food item, while food service is described as providing food at no charge to a person or a group. Suggested donations are described as providing a food item for a suggested donated amount.

While other New Jersey institutions limit or altogether disallow outside groups from coming on campus to serve food, Hennessy discussed the plan for the food guidelines “so as not to go down that path.” 

“We didn’t want to go down that route,” Hennessy said.

Conner mentioned meetings that took place with the Mercer County Health Department, in which Student Affairs and Student Involvement “learned a great deal that informed what put together the guidelines.”

Conner said that by organizations on campus functioning under the suggested option of distributing food, the rules are “less stringent” and it “opens up a world of flexibility.” All food sold or distributed by way of donations must be pre-packed with ingredients displayed or procured by a third party — examples include Chipotle, Mexican Mariachi Grill and Panera Bread — or be food from an approved list, which includes hot chocolate made with water, bagels or cheese pizza. 

Following the new food guidelines, the approval of meeting minutes and open floor agenda items took place.

First on the agenda was the resolution B-F2019-01, “Judiciary Board and Recall Proceedings.” The formation of a judiciary board would oversee impeachment and recalls of SG members, if a individuals are found not to be adhering to their responsibilities within the organization.

SG discussed the next resolution, B-F2019-03, “To clarify the review process for Initiatives and voting requirements needed to pass an initiative.”

The two bills that were introduced would state that initiatives can be brought on by any member of the student body, then to the vice president of student services and then to the president. Subsequently, the initiative would go through new business, old business and a roll call vote. To pass, it would need a simple majority vote.

The last resolution brought by SG was B-F2019-05, “Student Organization Advisor Training.” For unrecognized student organizations, the bill would require “responsible employee training under Title IX.”

Conner also said that this training was “standard procedure” prior to taking on an advising role within an organization on campus. However, the resolution would deal with clubs that had yet to be recognized by the College. In order for the prospective organization to present to the governmental affairs committee, the adviser(s) would need to undergo training as it relates to Title IX.


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