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Campus Police responds to microwave fire

By Jennifer Somers
Photo Editor

Students report microwave fire at Townhouse West

On Aug. 30 at approximately 11:27 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Townhouses West on a report of a microwave fire. The police met with the student manager of residential operations, a housing assistant, a community adviser on duty, and the residents. 

According to the SMRO, the microwave located on the second floor of the townhouse accidentally caught fire earlier in the evening. Campus Police observed the microwave in the kitchenette area having burn marks on both the door and the inside compartment, along with water dripping out of it. Damage to the microwave is reported to be similar to an object being placed inside it and having it turn on, burning the object. 

There were no logical explanations given as to why the microwave caught on fire by either of the townhouse residents that were present at the time. One of the residents stated he was not present at the time of the microwave fire, nor did he know how it started. Only two of the residents witnessed the microwave catching fire.

One of the students said the fire was caused by Ramen noodles. Later, the suspect changed his statement, saying that there was nothing in the microwave and that the fire started by itself.  

Campus Police asked why he initially told them Ramen noodles were in the microwave and he stated it was because he was nervous.

He appeared anxious when questioned again by Campus Police. He then admitted to horse-playing with his friend when the microwave caught on fire, insisting the fire was due to malfunction. 

He then provided a video of himself and his friend horse-playing, which he stated would show there was no involvement of either himself or his friend regarding the microwave fire. The video provided no such evidence of any such microwave fire. According to the police report, it depicted the two playing “Army,” as both of them were viewed wearing camouflage fatigues and jumping around. He stated, the microwave was used as a mock IED.

The College’s professional staff on-call resident director was contacted and arrived on the scene. The two were cited for criminal mischief and issued summonses. 

Photographs were taken of the microwave, which was logged as evidence and stored for safekeeping.

CA reports of intoxicated person at Travers Hall

On Sept. 4 at approximately 12:51 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Travers Hall on a report of an underage intoxicated person. Police met with the individual and the community adviser on duty. The student was sitting up in his bed and appeared to be intoxicated.

Campus Police asked the student if he consumed any alcoholic beverages, which he affirmed. However, he couldn’t recall how much he had to drink. The CA stated she was notified in a chat group that the student was intoxicated. When she went to his room to check on him, she observed him leaning up in his bed vomiting. 

TCNJ EMS arrived to treat the student and evaluate his condition. The College’s pro-staff on-call residence life director arrived to the scene to address the situation. Ewing Township EMS then arrived for further treatment and evaluation of the student.

The student refused treatment and signed a refusal of medical attention form. He was released into the care of his roommate. The student was not cited for underage intoxication due to the New Jersey 9-1-1 Lifeline Legislation Act, which provides immunity since the student reached out for help regarding the condition.

CA reports of intoxicated female at Wolfe Hall

On Sept. 8 at approximately 12:15 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on report of an intoxicated female.

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with a Wolfe Hall CA, who was outside and directed them to the inside of the room where the female individual was lying conscious on her bed. 

Campus Police asked her what was going on that evening. She stated she was fine and started to introduce her friends to Campus Police. An odor of alcoholic beverages was emanating from her breath. Campus Police asked what she had to drink, to which she responded that she had five to six shots of vodka.

TCNJ EMS arrived to evaluate and treat her. The female’s speech was slurred. She stated her name and repeatedly said she was fine. The CA stated that she was by the elevator lobby when the female came out of the elevator, recognized the CA and asked for help. Ewing EMS then arrived to the scene and transported the female to Capital Health Hospital for further evaluation. 

Due to the students request for assistance, amnesty was granted. 

Campus police reports intoxicated person behind Wolfe Hall

On Sept. 8 at about 2:04 a.m., Campus Police observed two male individuals pull a female out of a car behind Wolfe Hall. The female could not stand on her own and appeared to be intoxicated. She identified herself and stated that she drank four or five cups of jungle juice at an off-campus party. She was unable to say where the party took place. 

Campus Police spoke with the driver of the vehicle, who stated that he was driving by and saw the female with two other males and decided to give them a ride to campus. Both of the males said they were at the party with her and decided to walk with her back to her room at Travers Hall when the car pulled up next to them and gave them a ride. TCNJ EMS arrived and provided patient care and evaluation. 

The female was released return merchandise authorization and Campus Police issued her a ticket for underage drinking.

CA reports of intoxicated person at Travers Hall

On Sept. 8 at 2:42 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Travers Hall regarding an intoxicated student. 

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the CA who reported that while on the floor hallway of Travers, she heard someone vomiting. She knocked on the door and an occupant of the room opened it.

The intoxicated male was seen vomiting over the sink. He stated he had six beers at an off-campus party. His roommate was also at the scene and reported the same. He did not remember the address of the party. TCNJ EMS then arrived and provided patient care and evaluation. He was released return merchandise authorization and issued a ticket for the underaged consumption of alcohol.


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