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Student reports vandalized bicycle

By Jennifer Somers
Photo Editor

Student reports intoxicated female in Travers Hall

On Sept. 15 at approximately 2:58 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the T-Dubs lobby area in Travers Hall on a report of an intoxicated female. 

The police were met by two individuals, both of whom are students at the College. 

Campus Police observed that the intoxicated student was alert and conscious, holding a plastic trash bag into which she had vomited. 

The police asked the student if she had consumed any alcoholic beverages that evening, to which she stated she had. However, she was uncertain as to how many alcoholic beverages she consumed.  

According to the witness, she notified Campus Police for help immediately after discovering the intoxicated female student in the lobby area of T-Dubs. 

TCNJ EMS arrived on the scene to treat and evaluate the student’s condition. The witness notified TCNJ EMS of the medications the suspect was taking at the time.

The suspect was unaware that she should not be consuming alcoholic beverages while taking said medications. 

Shortly afterward, the College’s Professional Staff On-Call Residence Life Director arrived on the scene to document the incident. 

The intoxicated student signed a refusal of medical attention form. Per the New Jersey 9-1-1 Lifeline Legislation Act, since the witness contacted Campus Police for help, the intoxicated student was not cited for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age.

Student reports vandalism of bicycle

On Sept. 15 at approximately 3:50 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to its headquarters on a report of criminal mischief. 

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the student, who stated she parked and locked her bicycle on the bike rack in front of her residence building the previous Friday evening. 

She stated that she did not use the bicycle all weekend, and then at 2 p.m. on Sept. 15, she noticed her bike sustained damage.

The front wheel was slightly bent, the bicycle frame had scratches, the break mechanism was not functional and the basket was no longer attached to the front, according to the Campus Police report. 


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