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SG discusses Homecoming

By Len La Rocca
News Editor

Student Government discussed the official recognition of a student-run organization, one bill affecting SG’s day-to-day operations and grilling at Homecoming at its meeting on Oct. 16 in the Education Building Room 115.

The Armenian Students Association presented its message of inclusivity and diversity to the general body. The two representatives described how the organization will add friendly spirit and Armenian culture to the College. 

The Armenian Students Association desires to be a recognized organization (Jennifer Somers / Photo Editor).

The organization is planning many interactive activities, such as a genocide walk educating students on the history of the Armenian Genocide, an alumni networking event and a formal. The group already has 20 to 50 members, according to the organization’s presentation to the general body. 

SG voted 7-0 to recognize the Armenian Students Association as a student organization on campus.

Organization member Jess Hamalian, a sophomore business major, was ecstatic to see the group receive SG recognition. 

“I’m really excited for the future of TCNJ’s Armenian Club because spreading diversity … across campus is so important,” she said. “We’re looking forward to spreading awareness about the Armenian Genocide and other hidden genocides in history.”

A topic of debate amongst the SG body was an attire bill suggesting that students dress formally for SG meetings. The bill was met with confusion, as it stated that no members would be penalized for not dressing formally, yet pro-bill members stated that formal attire does not imply buying expensive clothing.

SG debated with two notches, where members voiced their concerns that some people may feel ostracized due to their financial situations. Pro-bill members voiced their opinions on the bill, stating that it only allows students who want to dress formally the option to do so. The bill did not pass.

Finally, SG requested that some members volunteer to grill at the Homecoming tailgate on Saturday, Oct. 19, alongside members of the Student Finance Board. SG selected its volunteers and stated that they would have vegetarian options.


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