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Vital Signs: Working out on a college schedule

By Madison Pena
News Editor

Fitness is something that many students want to prioritize, but it can get pushed aside when they have trouble finding time in their busy schedule or don’t know where to start.

Many students struggle to make the transition from playing on sports teams in high school to being on their own in college and having to form their own fitness plan. Here are some ways to find the right workout for your body and schedule.

Students can access the fitness center 7 days a week. (

Try a Workout Class

If you’re not a fan of working out alone, try one of the fitness classes offered by the College — they’re a great way to get motivated and make workouts more enjoyable. The Recreation and Wellness Center offers various workouts, including Zumba, pilates and kickboxing, according to this semester’s schedule.

Go For a Run

Running can be a great way to escape the daily stress that can accumulate from exams, classes and other responsibilities. In fact, studies from Business Insider have shown that cardio exercise releases more endorphins, increases focus level and reduces stress, making it the ideal workout when you need a break from studying.

One of the best aspects of running is the lack of equipment needed, making it perfect for a packed schedule. It’s super convenient when you want to get a workout in before your next class but don’t have time to make it to the Fitness Center in Campus Town. With one lap around campus being just shy of two miles, you can enjoy the scenic view without the stress of being pressed for time.  

Invest your Time in a Workout Program

If cardio isn’t your thing or you’re trying to work on strength training, lifting programs may be something to look into. Fitness guides or apps like SWEAT often have different customizable settings, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. 


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