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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

Student band Ornamental brings indie sound with debut album

It’s easy to lose your rockstar dreams in the droning hallways and classrooms of adolescence, but it’s also possible to make them reality. Ornamental has done just that.

CUB Alt energizes audience with trap music

The dim, blue lights and powerful sound of the music from the speakers turned BSC 100 into an intimate venue for CUB Alt’s Wicca Phase Springs Eternal concert on March 3.

Vital Signs: Working out on a college schedule

Fitness is something that many students want to prioritize, but it can get pushed aside when they have trouble finding time in their busy schedule or don’t know where to start.

SFB funds Treblemakers, Black Student Union

The Student Finance Board met on March 4 at 12:30 room 104 of the Brower Student Center to discuss special appropriation requests from the Trentones, the Black Student Union, TCNJ Treblemakers and the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

Great-granddaughter of renowned activist tells all

She was an educator, a journalist, a businesswoman, an anti-lynching crusader, a suffragist and a leader. The patriarchy began clenching their fists at a woman with such increasing power, but Ida B. Wells, a fighter of inequality, was unafraid.

Student Government addresses coronavirus

Student Government swore in the speaker of the General Body and the senators of the Humanities and Social Sciences at their general body meeting on Wednesday, March 4.

As graduation approaches, seniors manage anxiety

It’s graduation day. You’ve just received the diploma you've been working toward for years when President Kathryn Foster announces, “I now present to you the Class of 2020.” As you throw your decorated cap in the air and all of your friends and family members cheer from the bleachers, you suddenly feel a wave of dread as the reality of adulthood hits you — what the hell do I do now?

Media heightens hysteria over coronavirus

It’s all you hear about on TV. It’s the latest and greatest thing to overreact about — it’s the coronavirus. The world has been on edge since December 2019, when the virus was first detected in Wuhan, China. And of course, the virus didn’t stay contained to China for long. According to Medscape, the first international case was reported in Thailand on Jan. 13.

Wawa vs. Sheetz: the great debate of the East Coast

As a student-athlete who spent four weeks on campus during winter break while operating on a limited budget, I know the benefits of having a Wawa nearby. My teammates and I would go to the Wawa on Sylvia Street after morning practice to pick up coffee and subs. This was a near-daily trip that we would take. Some of us made multiple trips to Wawa in a day if we didn’t feel like cooking another meal and wanted a cheaper option than what is offered at nearby restaurants.

The Chip: If coronavirus cancels school, party at Connor’s place

It can be a massive headache. It can be a sore throat or runny nose. No, we’re not talking about a Friday morning post-Rho hangover— we’re talking about the coronavirus, an infectious disease discovered in the city of Wuhan of The People’s Republic of China.

Underground music scene captivates campus

An inviting and electric atmosphere filled Kendall Hall as students piled in to watch the tri-state area’s most talented up-and-coming bands perform live.

Students use body art to promote self-love

Growing up, Kayleigh Soucy didn’t like her body. She was bullied for being chubby, but when she started to lose weight, the compliments from her family and peers only fueled an eventual eating disorder and body dysmorphia. That’s why last February, she walked into her local tattoo parlor and was determined to add something beautiful to a part of her body she spent years trying to shrink.

Biden takes lead with series of high-profile endorsements

Going into Super Tuesday, Joe Biden’s campaign was struggling. But the night before, candidates Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg both dropped out of the race, simultaneously endorsing Biden for president less than 24 hours before the votes came in, according to CNN.

Campus Style: Revamp your old wardrobe

Students are constantly looking to dress stylish, cool and trendy, whether they are walking to class, meeting up with friends or venturing off-campus. If you’re looking to impress your peers, just look to the back of your closet for clothes that you normally ignore — they are begging to be upcycled. Not only will you look amazing and save money, but the environment will also be catching a break, as the production of fast fashion harms our planet. Utilizing the clothes you already have will prove to be beneficial for all.

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