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SG holds student training day

By Mike Sherr
Staff Writer

Student Government (SG) brought the first items of new business to the floor on Sept. 16 at their second General Body meeting, which also served as a “Student Training Day” for the organization. 

The training day revolved around governance and how smaller groups made up of members from the College’s government hear issues and bring possible changes forward to the General Body. It was an opportunity for all members of the organization and any non-members listening to learn about the governing process.

Executive President Suchir Govindarajan called the General Body meeting to order via Zoom and handed the proceedings over to Executive Vice President Bryanna O’Keefe.

O’Keefe opened the floor to guest speaker Jennifer Palmgren, the assistant provost for academic affairs, who was the keynote speaker for the training day. 

Palgren explained that the College government is made up of a Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and Student Government. These groups then divide into two executive committees: the Steering Committee (SC) and the Committee on Strategic Planning and Priorities (CSPP). Under these groups are more committees and councils which hear cases specific to their jurisdiction. 

The SC is where members of the College’s community can report any issues regarding College policy. If students or staff would like to bring forward an issue, they can contact the SC at their email

O’Keefe brought three items forward as new business this week, including adjustments to SG’s constitution and the recognition of a new student organization.  

The first bill brought to order dealt with amending the constitution in an effort to increase involvement in the organization by its members. The bill requires that all members of the freshman, sophomore and junior class councils to have a seat on at least one committee or council in the College’s government. 

The second item brought forward also involves amending the constitution by removing two of the Freshman Class Council positions starting in the fall of 2021. 

The last piece of new business brought forward was a motion to re-recognize the Unified Sports Club. The organization failed to re-register in the fall of 2019 and were placed on inactive status. 

They then failed to appeal to the Government Affairs committee which “led to their derecognition despite them as an organization continuing to conduct events and meetings,” according to Vice President of Governmental Affairs Roshni Raji.  

All new business items are voted on the week following their introduction on the floor, giving time for members to carefully think over each item. 

Members of the smaller councils also gave reports on what they discussed in their first meetings.

O’Keefe reported that the SC heard a proposal to create a Civil Engineering Minor. They have yet to have a decision on the topic. 

Members of the Liberal Learning Council discussed how, starting next year, the First Seminar Program all freshmen are required to take is being renamed to the Freshman Year Seminar.

O’Keefe finished the meeting by wishing luck to everyone who was running for office in the election on Sept. 17. Those who were elected will be sworn in at the General Body meeting on Sept. 23.


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