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SG recognizes new organizations, talks re-opening strategies for spring

By Jax Dieugenio
Staff Writer

In their general body meeting on Oct. 21, Student Government (SG) recognized two new student organizations, incorporated a greater faculty presence in the governing body and highlighted various reopening strategies for the spring semester.

Two new student organizations were voted on and approved by the general body, making them officially recognized as on-campus organizations. 

The first club recognized by SG was the Developer Students Club, an organization that aims to guide students in the process of career skills and resume building. 

The second was the American Society of Civil Engineers, the purpose of which is to inform students about the civil engineering profession, develop leadership and career skills and promote the ideals of the nation’s oldest professional engineering society, as noted by the School of Engineering. 

SG talks about potential re-opening plans for the College’s spring semester (Darby Vandeveen / Photo Editor).

The general body then moved its focus to the racial disparities that continue to plague society in various forms. In an attempt to combat these disparities, an emphasis has been placed on inclusion and diversity at the College, spreading a strong, clear message of belonging for all students. 

Anthony Rica, business senator and sophomore finance and international studies double major, spoke to these issues.

Rica emphasized that the purpose of SG is to bridge the gap between the ideas of students and faculty. He also called attention to the promising number of faculty that have participated in the College’s governing bodies on the virtual platform.

“I am excited that the faculty senate this semester is seeing higher numbers of faculty attending meetings,” Rica said. “It’s always great to hear that TCNJ faculty are participating in the same type of work that TCNJ Student Government members take so seriously.” 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to compromise the world, plans to return to campus were discussed in the meeting, highlighting the various components of what a reopening would look like. 

“What the current goal is, is trying to structure the reopening as best as possible in terms of, number one, trying to keep students safe, and number two, trying to ensure that students are still receiving a quality education somewhat similar to before the pandemic occurred,” said Santiago Salinas, the head senator of the School of Nursing, Health and Exercise Science and a sophomore public health major, in an interview with The Signal.

While the future remains unclear in terms of what the spring semester would look like at the College, many students are pushing for a return. 

“Personally, it does not make sense to me that these big schools with tens of thousands of people are reopening, but smaller schools aren’t,” said Arts and Communications Senator and freshman communication studies major Alexa Giacoio. “I also think that it is better to be safe than sorry and I commend TCNJ on that as well. Online school has been a challenge for many over the past several months, and trying to go back on campus would help alleviate some stress for those learning from home.”


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