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Senior graphic design majors premiere unique website

By Julia Duggan
Senior Staff Writer

To celebrate the senior class, a website has been made to showcase all of the projects created by senior graphic design majors. The website, titled “the odds,” alludes to all the challenges the students have overcome as well as all the various projects and career interests they have. 

Alyssa Defilippis, a senior graphic design major and marketing minor, was one of the seniors that worked on the website. She was part of the social media team, creating the ideas for social media outreach and helping to design all the posts. The branding team chose all the visual aspects of the website while the website team built the website from the ground up.

Logo created by a group of senior graphic design majors (Photo courtesy of Alyssa DeFilippis).

“My whole life I have been really into art,” Defilippis said. “I have always been really creative, and I have also been into technology. I wanted to combine both of them and make art digitally and make it have more meaning and use it for brands and marketing and things like that.”

The goal of the website is just to showcase all the various projects the seniors have completed. Students were able to select which work they wanted to have featured on the website.

“I picked the work that I feel the most passionate about,” Defilippis said. “I am really into health and fitness and I picked that as my top project to put into there. I guess I picked (the) work that I felt was my strongest.”

In most of the bios about the seniors, it explains what work they have done with UI and UX, which stands for User Interface and User Experience. These are research-based tactics that graphic design specialists use to test run ideas and design apps or websites based on the user preferences.

The project was started at the beginning of the semester and Defilippis described working on this project as a little stressful but also fun. 

“It was very stressful but I am glad with the way it turned out,” Defilippis said.

The website’s “about” page details why the specific theme for the website was picked. The theme is “odd,” and refers to all the challenges and triumphs the senior class has faced. The senior class was able to learn in remote and flex learning environments, and grew their creativity. In addition, when brainstorming for themes, the students noticed a common theme that they faced several unique challenges that most graduating classes do not face. 

“Not only is our graduation occurring under the most unusual circumstances, but the actual year itself is an odd number, as is the number of students. Between the 17 of us we’ve all developed such unique bodies of work,” the page said. 


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