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Donna Kardos

Being Walt Whitman

He hobbled across the stage, cane in hand, floppy hat atop his head, gray beard descending from his chin, and found his way through disheveled piles of books spread across a tiny old desk and chair. "From my point of view, I am in a pretty boggy condition indeed," the man said, noting his abilities to write, read, work, laugh, cry and "be (himself) in most ways" were fortunately still intact.

College celebrates ‘Leaves of Grass’ sesquicentennial with symposium

When David Blake, associate professor of English, and Michael Robertson, professor of English, received an e-mail two years ago asking College faculty for ideas regarding how to celebrate the College's 150th birthday, they didn't have to think for very long.

Student rises to ‘Whitman Girl’ fame after finding interview

Although she has lived 10 minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge her entire life, senior English major Nicole Kukawski knew nothing about its namesake before last spring aside from the fact that he was "some poet." Now, she finds it difficult to remember what her life was like before Whitman became so inextricably twisted into it.

SFB limits new club budget appropriations

This fall, new clubs approved by the Student Government Association (SGA) will not be able to simply apply for a budget and receive one from the Student Finance Board (SFB), Julia Pratt, SFB chairperson, said. The new procedure for new clubs to obtain SFB-approved budgets will involve each new club submitting a request to SFB for a budget and then being assigned an SFB representative.

Changes frame history of the college

On this day in 1855, then-Gov. Rodman Price signed the documents that established the New Jersey State Normal School as the first teacher-training school in New Jersey and the ninth in the nation. The school has undergone many changes since then - when it was located on Clinton Avenue in Trenton - in terms of its location, buildings, curriculum and student body.

Organizations worried about getting programs approved

When Student Finance Board (SFB) Chairperson Craig Gross decided to completely alter the way SFB allocates Student Activities Fund money to student organizations, cutting each organization's base budget substantially, many of these organizations and their treasurers grew weary.

Flawed housing lottery leaves many disappointed

In college, top stresses for most students should include getting work done for classes, doing well on exams, attaining good grades and paving the way towards a successful future. This past week, however, these have all been placed on the backburner for most students at the College (with the exception of graduating seniors), to make way for the overly stressful process of housing.

Savion Glover brings noise, funk to Kendall Hall

Were it possible to see music, it would look like Savion Glover's body gyrating to his own taps and the rhythm emanating from his every extremity. The unremitting fluidity of his body shows music is as much alive in his dreadlocks, fingertips and elbow joints as his toes.

SFB tables three requests, will check on remaining funds

The Student Finance Board (SFB) made a unique decision in an effort to divide the remaining money in the special appropriations line fairly when chairperson Craig Gross vetoed a decision made at the beginning of the meeting with a vote of 6-5-0 to allocate $975 to the men's volleyball team.

Eight organizations co-sponsor speaker

The Student Finance Board (SFB) was so impressed with an eight-member co-sponsorship to bring guest speaker Katie Koestner to the College on Feb. 19 that it did not hesitate to give away $1,250, about a quarter of the $5,017 essentially remaining in the special appropriations line (after $15,000 is taken out of the $20,017 line in the near future for Senior Week).

Transformed courses stall registration

Many students at the College had problems registering on The Electronic Student Services (T.E.S.S.) because the system failed to recognize prerequisites and provided incorrect credit amounts for certain courses. "The problems are primarily due to the transformed curriculum and coding within the system," according to Frank Cooper, director of Records and Registration.

Formal proceeds will no longer go to charity

The Formal Committee's ticket price request of $30 failed, and later passed 9-1-3 with the stipulation that $1.21 from each ticket would not be donated to the Sunshine Foundation, as originally planned. The formal will be held at King's Caterer's in Bristol, Pa.

Queer Eye’s Carson to speak at College

The Student Finance Board approved the College Union Board's (CUB) ticket price request - $5 for Carson Kressley of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," to come to the College. Kressley's worldwide college debut will take place on Nov. 22 in Kendall Hall at 8 p.

…Except food and healthcare

Of course it is optimal to think about career choices in terms of what one enjoys and would like to do more than anything for the rest of his or her life. However, most people also have some goals in mind. For me, these include a family, children, and the contented feeling of security.

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