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Queer Eye’s Carson to speak at College

The Student Finance Board approved the College Union Board’s (CUB) ticket price request – $5 for Carson Kressley of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” to come to the College.

Kressley’s worldwide college debut will take place on Nov. 22 in Kendall Hall at 8 p.m. The ticket price passed 14-0-0.

The Islamic Society received full-funding of $1,145 with a vote of 13-0-1 to hold a feast on Nov. 7 to break the month-long daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan. It would be open to the entire campus, in addition to off-campus students invited from Rutgers University, Kean University and Bryn Mawr College.

A converted Muslim, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, would speak at the break-fast celebration with his wife, also a converted Muslim, for a cost of $350. The remaining expenses would cover food and supplies.

Ravi Kaneriya, freshman representative, said money for off-campus people should not come out of the Student Activities Fund (SAF). Kaneriya’s motion for $970, which subtracted the speaker cost as well as catering delivery and supply costs, in addition to charging off-campus attendees $8.75, failed 1-9-4.

Mary Ennis, director of external relations, motioned for full-funding, with the stipulation of a donation box be placed at the feast. The donations received would be put back into the SAF. This passed 13-0-1.

The Order of the Golden Lion (OGL) also received full-funding for a feast. OGL requested $714.95 for a medieval feast on Nov. 15, and received funds with a vote of 12-1-1.

Prior to the feast, OGL will present a free medieval fight. For the fight, OGL requested $300 for three helmets. Attendees of the feast will be charged $5. OGL also sold lollipops, and $70.77 of the proceeds will be contributed to the feast.

Last year, OGL had about 80 attendees at the feast, and charged $10 a person. Last year, the stew was stolen for the feast. Due to this, SFB chairperson Craig Gross made the request, “Don’t steal their stew.”

Oriana Nadraga, assistant chair of SFB, made the motion for full-funding.

The Intramural flag football team received $1,843 of their request of $6,093 to attend the 25th Annual National Flag Football Tournament in New Orleans, from Dec. 26 to 31, with a vote of 9-4-1.

The team has competed in this tournament for the past 16 years, and has always placed in the top 10, according to Chris Tuohy, senior member of the team.

The request included $519 for registration, of which $230 is an entry fee, while the remaining $289 consists of a $17 fee for each of the 17 players to participate.

The request also includes $304 in transportation costs, $2190 in hotel costs and $1,116 for two rental vans. The team raised $1200 for the event in fundraising, and agreed to contribute $100 a person.

Because the conference request line containes $7,101, full funding would consume most of the conference request money for the rest of the year.

Kaneriya commended the team for putting in $2,900 from fundraising and personal contributions, but said “if we do fund this, we won’t be able to fund anything else the rest of the year.”

“These kids are going to New Orleans which is a hell of a fun city at a hell of a fun time since its during the holidays,” Jared Breunig, director of communications, said.

He added that this is reason to raise the personal contributions a lot.

Sneha Gandhi, senior representative, suggested raising the personal contributions to $250. This motion, for $3,543, failed 0-10-4. A motion for $1,843, with contributions raised to $350, passed 9-4-1.

The Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society received full-funding of $2,056 for Robert Pennock, known as the country’s leading expert in the Creationism v. Evolution debate, to speak at the College on March 20, with a vote of 11-1-0.

The Art Student Association (ASA) requested a new club budget of $600.

As the request included $60 for T-shirts, but since SFB does not fund T-shirts, the request was changed to $540. ASA received full-funding of $540 with a vote of 11-2-0.

The organization has had a budget in the past, but neglected to turn it in last year.

This year’s budget includes expenses for all-nighters in the drawing studio, refreshments and staffing for senior portfolio reviews, and a museum trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Siren Art and Literary Magazine received full-funding of $369 with a vote of 13-0-1. The magazine is bi-annual, and features literature and art submissions by the students and faculty members of the College.

The Student Government Association (SGA)’s ticket price request of $10 for a Senior Night at the Rat, with bus transportation and admission to Kat Man Du, a club in Trenton, on Nov. 18, passed 13-0-0.

Gross also mentioned the importance of an article in USA Today on Nov. 3, focusing on different universities that have been sued for not representing all political views in keynotes speakers. “Our job as the SFB, when funding speakers, is to make sure we don’t do it in a way that is discriminatory,” Gross said.


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