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Formal proceeds will no longer go to charity

The Formal Committee’s ticket price request of $30 failed, and later passed 9-1-3 with the stipulation that $1.21 from each ticket would not be donated to the Sunshine Foundation, as originally planned.

The formal will be held at King’s Caterer’s in Bristol, Pa., on Feb. 4, from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. $25 of each ticket would go toward King’s Caterer’s, $1.92 to the disk jockey, $0.12 for ticket printing and $1.75 for buses, which attendees will have the option of taking.

The remaining $1.21 would go toward the Sunshine Foundation.

However, it is SFB policy that “the second a program is subsidized with (Student Activities Fund SAF) funds they cannot donate towards a charity,” Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, said.

The Formal Committee said that one of the reasons it charges for tickets is “to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation, which is the philanthropy we fundraise for.”

In previous years, including last year, the organization donated between $1 and $2 from each ticket to this charity.

Gross said although the Sunshine Foundation is not a charity likely to be opposed, it must be treated like all other charities. A person should not have to donate to a charity he or she might not agree with in order to attend the formal.

Oriana Nadraga, assistant chair of the SFB, suggested the Formal Committee provide an option for two prices, so that students can choose whether or not to spend the extra $1.21 that would go towards the Sunshine Foundation.

Sneha Gandhi, senior representative, said, “I think that’s really silly. If I don’t put in the extra $1.21, I look like such a bad person.”

Joe Schramm, Student Government Association (SGA) liaison, said, “The bottom line is, we need to not approve this,” and motioned to deny the request.

The vote tied at 5-5-3, so Gross had to vote to break the tie. Gross voted against the ticket price.

Rachel Forman, junior representative, motioned for the ticket price to remain at $30, but without the $1.21 going toward charity.

Uni?n Latina (UL) received full funding of $426.64 with a vote of 8-3-2 to fund publicity for Explosion Latina, an event to take place Nov. 22, at 6:30 p.m., in the student center atrium.

The cultural event, in its first year, is to feature students and faculty performing cultural dances and acts.

The request included funding for a full-page ad in The Signal, flyers, mailbox stuffers, table tents, sidewalk chalk and a banner.

The event will also be advertised on the College’s Web site for free.

Ravi Kaneriya, freshman representative, said, “It seems they’re pulling out all the stops,” and said it might be excessive.

Jared Breunig, director of communications, said, “Last year, Mike Cilia brought up a great point when he said advertising determines how successful an event will be.”

Schramm expressed a personal vendetta against mailbox stuffers. “If I read them, it tends to be a month after, so now I make it a point to not even read them,” Schramm said.

“For a first-time program, you need to get that out there,” Mary Ennis, director of external relations, said. “Mailbox stuffers – I think you guys are mean about that. I’ve read them from freshman year on.”

When the motion was made for full funding, Schramm said, “I’m not voting in favor of this motion. I will not fund mailbox stuffers.”

The Bowling Club received $2,461.64 out of its request for $6,952.96 with a vote of 8-5-1 to attend the Coca-Cola Collegiate Classic in Las Vegas from Jan. 31 to Feb.1.

It is necessary for the club to attend the event in order to further qualify in the sectional tournament.

Nick P. Luisi, president of the club team, said attending would also fulfill the importance of national recognition.

The club requested both the A team and the B team, to attend the event. “I feel it should be open to the B team because they fundraise too and they don’t do it just for the A team,” Luisi said.

The team did not include transportation to and from the airport in the request, and so Luisi said to note this would be paid for out-of-pocket.

The request also included a personal contribution of $50 a person, but Christopher Mahoney, treasurer of the organization, said they would be willing to contribute up to $150.

Forman said it is not economically feasible to send both teams. “I think over $2,000 is more than generous to allow them to qualify for sectionals,” Forman said.

The previously tabled request of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) received full funding of its new request of $1,495 to attend the organization’s National Technical Career Conference, Jan. 7 – Jan. 11, in Chicago with a vote of 9-2-2.

When the original request of $1,965 for this conference was tabled, SFB requested more of the attendees be members that did not attend the conference before, the personal contribution be raised and an itinerary of the events at the conference be supplied.

The organization complied with all the requests, as three new members that did not attend the conference last year were added to the list of five attendees, the personal contribution was raised from $50 to $150, and the itinerary was supplied.


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