Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Megan Mayernik

Saudi Arabian government reportedly torturing U.S. citizen

Dr. Walid Fitaihi, a dual citizen of Saudi Arabia and the U.S., has “reportedly been beaten, tortured and jailed” in Saudi Arabia as of March 3.

Chicago cop faces jail time for death of black teen

Four years ago, a white police officer opened fire on a black teenage boy outside a Burger King in Chicago, according to The New York Times. The killing, captured on a dashboard camera, reshaped the city.

State of Virginia rejects Lee County’s bid to arm teachers

The Department of Criminal Justice Services struck down a school board’s plan in rural Virginia that would allow a selection of teachers and staff members to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, according to The Washington Post.

North Korea takes first step towards denuclearization

North Korea announced important changes to its foreign policy and nuclear defense programs on April 21, when Kim Jong-un declared that he will end nuclear and missile testing, according to Foreign Policy.

Troops killed in helicopter crash near Iraq-Syria border

Seven U.S. service members were killed on March 15 after their helicopter crashed in western Iraq, according to CNN. The crash left no survivors and is not believed to be a result of enemy activity.

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