Thursday, August 5, 2021

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The SHOP @ TCNJ combats Ewing’s rise in food insecurity

Food insecurity in New Jersey alone has increased by well over 150% since the pandemic began, according to reports by the Community Foodbank of New Jersey.

‘Girls Who Code’ makes its debut at the College

Faith Christian delicately balances being both a sophomore interactive multimedia major at the College by day, and the president of the Girls Who Code Loop at the College by night.

OPINION: President Foster’s email creates a sense of optimism within the campus community

On March 12th, President Foster’s follow-up email regarding Covid cases on campus brought a hopeful message to students. After over a year in lockdown, many students have begun to feel trapped with a routine that involves sitting in front of a computer screen for the majority of the day.

Snow days at the College: A thing of the past?

Waking up on a snowy morning to the notification that classes are canceled is a relief that all college students can relate to. Since the pandemic, these notifications are nonexistent as classes can be held virtually, leading many to wonder if the College has had its last snow day.

Swim team takes home NJAC title

It has been almost half a decade since the last NJAC championship was earned by the swim team. This was not the first time this team has faced adversity, but no one expected the 2020-21 season to be what it was. Despite the clearance for the season, these student athletes were sailing into uncharted waters. This swim season would be one like no other. 

WTSR’s Album of the Week: ‘Little Oblivions’

In her third album “Little Oblivions,” singer-songwriter Julien Baker expands upon her musical sound while still delivering the emotional gut-punch fondly associated with her music.

Legalization of marijuana reflects significant social impact across state, country

Researchers have discovered various benefits to the legalization, including social justice, safety, public health, raises in tax revenue, lower criminal justice expenditures and economic stimulation.

WTSR’s Album of the Week: ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’

“Collapsed in Sunbeams,” the debut album by 20-year-old English poet, Arlo Parks, showcases the artist’s profound wisdom despite her young age in a comforting landscape through a mix of pop and hip-hop music. 

Golfers support Tiger Woods after car accident

Tiger Woods was badly injured last week in a car crash in Los Angeles. Golf fans and the sports world alike were relieved to learn that his injuries were not life threatening and he was in stable condition. 

Student athletes invited to join SAAC

Student athletes are competitors, leaders and advocates for change — and with the latest student-athlete organization, they have a voice. Head coaches can select up to two representatives for each team in order to form the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

A likely pairing — Campus Police and Criminology Club

Campus Police Chief Timothy Grant wanted to create a criminology club for those attending the College, although to his surprise, one was already in existence. Students hoping to work in law enforcement, surveillance, judicial practice and forensic science started the group years ago.

This Week’s Short Story: Meant for the Light

She is meant for fame. For the spotlight, the limelight, the flash of the cameras. Her mother calls her a ray of sunshine: all she has to do is smile and the world will fall at her feet. Like attracts like, and light attracts light.

Virtual Slam Poetry Festival spotlights student creativity

The College’s celebration of Black History Month continued last Thursday night with The Division of Inclusive Excellence’s Slam Poetry Festival. The virtual event featured a unique form of expression that united writing and performance, and liberated student artists to accentuate words through song, gestures and dance. 

This Week’s Short Story: Karaoke Night At The Applecore Club For Bugs

The opening. Yes, I suppose a story has to open somehow and somewhere, but not yet. We’re not starting yet. Why, everyone isn’t ready yet! Soon though, very soon. We just have some points of business to carry out because the last thing I’d want to do is deceive you. That’s why we’re not starting yet until everyone is ready, including you.

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