Monday, June 21, 2021

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The Goose: Freshman couple goes to Panera Bread to have an awkward first date

Valentine's Day. The day of the year where happy couples can send cards in an expression of love designed with the intent to ostracize...

Women in Learning, Leadership — and without limitations

As College experiences remain mostly remote, Diamond Urey’s freshman year was nothing like she expected. Involved in various extracurricular activities since high school, she found a new community where students inspired each other, filling the freshman history student with warmth that could break through any virtual walls.

The Goose: Democrats and republicans finally agree that nobody cares about College political clubs

After a close election ending with the nomination of Joe Biden, (insert tension that's not going to set the world on fire or something)...

OPINION: Why the Trump Impeachment Trial was dead before it began, and what Democrats can do

On Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 1 p.m., the United States Senate convened to try former President Donald Trump for inciting the riot that occurred on Jan. 6.

Reddit users cause GameStop stock to soar, questions future of investing

GameStop’s stock (GME) reached record highs last week hitting $468 a share after closing on an average of $18 in early January.

‘Finding Ohana’ reminds us of the importance of family

As many have discovered in the past year, family is tough, but family is important. “Finding Ohana” shows us the adventurous journey of a family with clashing dynamics. 

Short Story of the Week: Absque Numero

“Did you raise your prices again?” “It’s ‘cause of the rent. The rent keeps going up.” The deli’s signboard was unfamiliar to her. Still legible, but in an almost disorienting way. Not the menu items. The prices of the items. The deli was cramped and warm [...]

The Goose: TCNJ Curriculum to be replaced by pop culture references

Hailing from the infamous page on Instagram, The Goose provides ‘the most reliable fake news at TCNJ.’ 

What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘Cobra Kai’

There were a host of reasons why people this past December looked forward to the New Year. For fans of the “Karate Kid” saga, however, this Jan. 1 came with an extra gift: the long-awaited release of the third season of “Cobra Kai,” the karate series that has taken Netflix by storm.

Analyzing Capitol insurrection: College political science professor weighs in

If these three claims do not hold up under scrutiny, what claims do? We should be clear that enormous damage was done to American democracy on January 6th, 2021, that the insurrection constitutes a clear manifestation of white supremacy’s durability, and that Trump’s encouragement of anti-democratic racists has made the US a more dangerous place for non-White Americans to live.

Virtual Showcase reflects dedication of College choirs and bands

The Virtual Showcase for the College’s Fall 2020 Ensembles streamed live on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m. through the School of Arts and Communication’s Facebook and Youtube accounts, illuminating the perseverance and creativity of the music department through an unusual semester.

‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’— a feel-good Netflix film to watch during the holiday season

“The Christmas Chronicles 2” is a family-oriented film, perfect for enjoying with your loved ones this holiday season. The Netflix original and sequel to “The Christmas Chronicles” emphasizes why it is important to believe in yourself and one another, and to never forget what it means to be a “true believer.”

What we’re watching on Netflix: ‘The Royal House of Windsor’

To celebrate the 100th year of the Windsor's reign, Netflix released “The Royal House of Windsor” in 2017. The docuseries explains and examines the lives of the royal family using never-before-seen televised documents including letters, photographs and video evidence.

Exploring the past in writing: An interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen

When Viet Thanh Nguyen first broke onto the scene in 2015, he took the literary world by storm. 

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