Sunday, June 20, 2021


A look at the College’s progress on anti-racism efforts

Institutions have been especially vocal about social injustice since last summer when Black Lives Matter protests gathered in streets worldwide. Among them is the College, where President Foster has released emails with calls to action for the community and where anti-racist organizations were born out of the pressure put on the institution by students who wanted change. 

Demand for Covid-19 vaccines slowing in some states

By Ariel SteinsaltzStaff Writer Several locations across the country have found themselves turning down shipments of Covid-19 vaccines as the demand for them declines, according...

India’s Covid crisis worsens as the second wave becomes deadlier

Hailey RuaneStaff Writer Over the past few weeks, India has reached its peak in Covid-19 cases. Over 18 million cases have been reported since the...

Death of Ma’Khia Bryant the latest in string of police shootings of Black people

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, will always be a date of parallel occurrences. While the nation eagerly awaited the verdict in the case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted on three charges for the death of George Floyd, police in Columbus, Ohio shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant outside her foster home during a fight with two other women.

What virtual teaching means for future educators

By Kaitlyn BonomoCorrespondent The experience that comes with student teaching plays an indispensable role in becoming an educator. Working closely alongside a teacher in a...

Students present AAPI stories at PAA Talks event

The Pan Asian Alliance held the first “PAA Talks” discussion on April 22 for students from different Asian cultural organizations to share their personal experiences.

Q&A with The Imaginaries: ‘music called us’

As a culmination of independent solo music careers filled with three studio albums apiece, tours, gigs and song placements all over television and film comes The Imaginaries, a husband-wife duo that combines the talents of Maggie McClure and Shane Henry in a bluesy, dramatic debut album.

Webinar on family farmers of New Jersey focuses on the role of journalists in the intersectional coverage of agriculture

The complexity of agriculture has traditionally been overlooked by reporters who cover it, leading to a failure to address the intersectionality of the subject.  In a live webinar hosted by senior journalism and professional writing major Lana Leonard on April 16, four panelists discussed this topic in an effort to reflect on the role of journalists in race, gender and news framework as it relates to agriculture. 

Understanding Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure plan

By Ariel SteinsaltzStaff Writer On March 31, the Biden administration launched the American Jobs Plan, which aims to enhance infrastructure of all kinds. The plan...

Has Biden lived up to his immigration campaign promises?

By Octavia FelicianoCorrespondent With hope sparked by the election of President Joe Biden, migrants from South America are making their way to the U.S.’s southern...

NJ reexamines gun laws as mass shootings continue

Following a wave of mass shootings, like the recent shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Gov. Murphy has reopened discussions on the state’s gun laws. He has made attempts to do so in the past, but they have been unsuccessful. 

FDA lifts hold on Johnson & Johnson vaccine, annual Covid-19 booster shots seem likely

The U.S. has distributed over 200 million vaccines to adults, surpassing President Biden’s pledge to have 100 million doses distributed in the first 100 days. Currently, there are three vaccines for distribution: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The FDA lifted the hold on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 24, however, the vaccine will now come with a warning about the blood clots.

Legislation requiring student debt transparency moving through NJ legislature

Moving through the New Jersey Legislature currently is bill S-1877, which would require institutions of higher education to provide transparency on tuition and fees to prospective and current students.

The Oscars air despite a two-month delay

Over the years, award shows have lost the once-prominent momentum and interest. Performances are lackluster, speeches are trivial and the gilded glamour has been viciously scratched away. With the subtlety now exposed, the shows go on without a hitch, rendering a bitter feeling of pretending everything is alright. 

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