Friday, April 16, 2021
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Despite a heartbreaking year, hope is always present

This year hasn't been easy. I’ve spoken with countless amounts of people who’ve lost their loved ones from a virus that has crushed the nation’s soul. I would wake up early and stay up late to keep up with the heartbreaking news that would appear again and again. And I’m burnt out.

Paid or unpaid, internships open doors to full-time jobs

In a job market prioritizing workplace experience, internships are the golden ticket to securing credentials and providing an insight into career interests.

Internship recruiters should consider younger candidates

When I observed speech therapists at a children’s rehabilitation hospital, the employees thought I was getting my required hours for grad school. “Oh no, I am actually a first-year undergrad student,” I told them. “I just want to gain insight into the field.”

Summer internships provide valuable experience

Summer can be quite hectic, particularly for students who take on internships in their desired job field.

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