Monday, June 14, 2021
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‘Angels’ take the stage to honor sorority’s sister

By Nicole Broomhead Correspondent Eight contestants from different Greek Life organizations gathered in the Lion’s Den on Thursday, Nov. 12, each dressed as a different type...

Field hockey set to defend NCAA title

The Lions are heading back to Lexington, Va., after defeating Rhodes College and Messiah College at Lions’ Stadium during the weekend of Saturday, Nov. 14. Like the previous year, the Lions were able to advance to the national semifinals with the home crowd cheering them on. But now, the Lions have a national championship to defend.

Gamers’ Guide: Is Virtual Reality a Fad or the Future?

By Andrew Street Blogger If you’ve been following the video game industry even slightly over the last two years, you’ve definitely noticed the growing push for...

From Metzger Drive to ‘22 Jump Street’

By Elise Schoening Review Editor They’re identical twins, stand-up comedians, actors and even alumni of the College. The Lucas Brothers, a dynamic duo from New Jersey,...

International horror follows violent terror in Paris

At least 129 were killed and 352 wounded in 9 terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday.

‘Full house’ for Coulier

By Chelsea LoCascio Opinions Editor Some students were left behind as others pushed their way to the front of the line and into the Mayo Concert...

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