October 25, 2020

Anti-Government protests in Beirut turn violent

January 27, 2020 Sarah Adamo 0

On Saturday Jan. 18, the Beirut demonstrations led by hundreds of anti-government protesters faced tear gas and water cannons unleashed by the Lebanese police in what is being described as the finale to a “week of rage.” This is the culmination of many months of government adversaries petitioning officials for change, according to CNN. […]

‘Slut Walk’ aims to extinguish rape culture

October 1, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Students dressed in outfits ranging from alluring dresses to jeans and tank tops joined together in a march across campus on Thursday, Sept. 27. Slut Walk, an annual protest initiated by the Women in Learning and Leadership Program in 2013, works to raise awareness of campus rape culture and the fast-growing number of sexual assaults on college campuses worldwide. […]