October 21, 2020

Fans rejoice with return of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

September 23, 2019 Richard Miller 0

What do a Motown legend, a Super Bowl MVP, a former White House press secretary, a country music singer and the most recent star of “The Bachelorette” all have in common? They are all trying to tango their way into America’s heart as the new contestants of this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” […]

‘Jane the Virgin’ breaks hearts in final season

August 27, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

After the quite confusing and disappointing series finale of Game of Thrones, I now watch TV with lower expectations. Placing a lot of pressure on the directors to create an ending that satisfies everyone with isn’t fair, but I can honestly say that the “Jane the Virgin” series ended in a way that made me happy and sad. […]

‘2018 Grammys trips over red carpet’

February 5, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

The biggest night in music, better known as the Grammy Awards, aired live on Jan. 28 from New York City, and proved to be another misfortunate evening. A lack of diversity remained within this year’s selection of winners. Since 2017, the award show’s ratings have dropped tremendously for a few reasons. […]

Mutants fight for survival in ‘Legion’

April 11, 2017 George Tatoris 0

For me, a lot of the appeal with superhero comics is the way creators weave in the more ridiculous ideas from that tapestry into the story. These things complicate the comic on the surface, but at its core is a simple hero’s journey. Adaptations usually seem ashamed to touch on the ridiculous things in the comic book universe. Netflix doesn’t even put their heroes in spandex until the very last episode, if that. “Legion” is not afraid to dip its toes in the unusual and the absurd, while still being a superb superhero story. […]

‘Rick and Morty’ premieres third season

April 11, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

Rick’s character flaws have been demonstrated time and time again in the show, and his other family members certainly don’t like him any better for it. Jerry Smith is the epitome of every foolish human being. He acts in contrast with Rick’s obvious genius. He is consistently overlooked by other members of the family, and deplores Rick for good reason –– Rick is self-destructive and has a tendency to leave people behind in his catastrophic mistakes. […]

Politics of ‘Scandal’ mimic real life

February 27, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

This entire season revolves around the mystery of who will become the next U.S. president, and it is loaded with suspense and drama. The winner is revolutionary, and a choice you’d least expect. More action ensues soon after the election that puts many lives at risk and bullets through hearts. It is emotional and terrifying, and leaves you at the edge of your seat wondering, “What could possibly happen now?” […]

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