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Letter to the Editor: No stapler for him

To the Editor,

Picture this scenario:Brower Student Center 9:27 a.m. Ahhh, i just finished printing out my 1000 word paper on the education budget. Pure perfection. Surely this will impress even the most learned professor. And since it\’s the first grade for the class, i put extra lovin\’ into this otherwise stale topic. Ohh yeah. I rock my world. Three minutes before class, so i can take a leisurely stroll to kendall and …oops. almost forgot a staple. No problem. I\’ll just go over to the information desk-surely they\’ll have a stapler for me to use. What else is this desk for other than to help fulfill the needs of students in, well, need. Before i ask i scope the surroundings and surely enough, there she is. Such a beautiful stapler-so pretty-i\’ll just need it for one second…hey wait. what do you mean you don\’t have one? I see one right behind your head? Ohh, you\’re not allowed to lend it to me? You\’re willing to stand between me and my ready for publication A++ paper because you can\’t lend me a stapler? It\’s a rule??

Well my friends, what i\’ve just described is not fiction. NO!! This story details what they don\’t want you to know. i\’ve uncovered a little known plot to keep our papers forever folded in the upper left hand corner, to be lost in the wind to any random gust. It\’s a true testament of the evil-doers that pervade our world, even our campus, on a day-to-day basis. Are we, the staple-challenged students of this esteemed college, to forever live under the tyranny of these office-supply terrorists. Now surely those working the desk are not responsible for such a rule, they just follow orders. Well, does that sound familiar to anyone? I don\’t know, maybe….NAZI GERMANY springs to mind? we’ve heard it all before. Following orders does not make you any less guilty. Yeah you, mister \”i don\’t have a stapler even though it\’s right behind me.\” I know you\’re reading this. and i\’m sure you remember me. ohh yeah. at least make an attempt to hide it, like covering it with a napkin. You sicken me.

But what we really have to look at is those who make the rules. Someone in their infinite wisdom, decided let\’s make life that much more difficult for the college student and withold a necessary tool for achievement. I challenge any of the signal staff to show a little gumption. Get rid of next issue\s story about a leaky toilet in Packer and do a little investigating. Why are the staplers in the information desk off-limits to students? Whose decision is this and what purpose could it possibly serve? Hey maybe our tuition doesn’t cover staples? What do you say about that, my classmates? Maybe if we paid a little more, we’d get such luxuries as a stapler.

I’m going to call upon you, my fellow students, to voice your opinion. I know I’m not the only one who has ever had to deal with something so (for lack of better word) stupid as this. Tell your story. Go tell it on the mountain. Preach. Make calls, send emails, protest. See it’s not just staples, it’s about doing the right thing. It’s about being treated as the humans that we are. Most importantly, it’s about change.

Thank you.

Curt Gentile


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