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A change will do us good

Over the next seven weeks, your Signal is going to look a lot different.

But here’s the thing … don’t focus on the word “different.” Focus on the word “your.” Because, believe it or not, The Signal is made for you. (We’re not called “the student newspaper since 1885” for nothing.)

This means that during the next seven weeks, your feedback is essential. It’s not “we want to know what you think.” It’s more “we need to know what you think.” The Signal is one-part overworked staff of 20 or so slaving away in a room short on windows, big on dust, two parts campuswide readership. Think of it like that tree-in-a-forest postulation: if no one picks up The Signal to read, does it cease to exist? Things that make you go “hum” …

Now, about the word “different.” What can you expect from the aforementioned addicted-to-dust staff of 20 or so? Well, basically, a smorgabord of journalistic goodness. Think color. Think bigger. Think bigger and color. Think modern. Think contemporary. Think large, pretty pictures. Think about what you’re seeing, than think about want you want to be seeing and drop us a line.(It’s the e-mail, the e-mail, what? what? The e-mail.)

Also, be advised to read the fine print. Because, in addition to aesthetic changes, The Signal is looking to make their policies more reader-friendly and more efficient.

Why the changes? Well, there are a million and one reasons in like with the ethics of journalism and blah, blah, blah. But let’s keep it simple … change is good. Change makes people come over all hot and sweaty or something …

Like that.

The Signal Editorial Board is composed of the Editor-in-chief, the Managing Editor, the Senior Editor and the Opinions Editor.


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