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Graphic Identity: Get over the change

Oh, boo-hoo, the logo is gone. Can you believe it? I mean, they actually took the beloved clock tower from us? (OK, can you actually smell the sarcasm dripping from the page?)

Seriously, never have I witnessed such a ridiculous forum for debate as I have seen on this campus over the past week. Is this really what students at the College care about? See, that scares me. Let me outline a few of the silliest things I have heard about the new “graphic design.”

Students are actually signing petitions to get back the old clock tower for a school logo. I received several e-mails and AOL Instant Messages about this link that had been set up to allow petitioning against the new design. The letter would go directly to President Gitenstein. Can you believe that when I looked at the online petition around noon that day, there was about 165 signatures? But even more frightening was that just a few hours later there were over a thousand.

And why send the president a letter? Why not actually read the information behind the design and actually question those directly behind the production? I had the pleasure of speaking with President Gitenstein recently with a few fellow editors, and after discussing the problems this school is going to have as the administration deals with budget problems, the design is probably the last thing on her mind.

And you know what? Good. I would rather have her worry about my tuition than a stupid clock tower.

It is a little disheartening to know that with all the things that are wrong with the state, nation and world, people are petitioning a logo change that we could all see coming eventually. It’s no secret that the College is trying to improve its image. So why was it a big surprise to everyone that there has been yet another change to the school? Have you looked around and seen all the construction lately? The College will look nothing like it looks today if you have kids that come here. It probably won’t even be the College.

Another upsetting fact I learned recently was that there was going to be a rally against the new design. A rally? Did the new shield bomb a defenseless city? Or, perhaps the clock tower was destroyed by the new shield design? I heard there were even going to be T-shirts. I’m sorry, but that’s lame.

I’m not saying that I love the new design. I really am pretty indifferent about it. But, never once in the three years I have been at this school have I heard a word spoken about how great the clock tower design was until it was gone. That leads me to believe that no one actually cared about what the design of the school was until one week ago.

My advice: get over it. The clock tower is gone, and the shield is in. I am sure you will live your lives some how, some way. I know I can sleep better at night now that I have learned to accept it.


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