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CUB denied funds after budget mistake

The College Union Board (CUB) received $591 of its requested $3,341 for the Fall Fun Fest to be held Sept. 20.

The $591 will pay for lodging for the event’s crew.

The motion passed 7-3-2.

A motion for full funding failed with a vote of 5-6-1.

The denied $2,750 was comprised of $1,750 for a video dance party and $1,000 for a curtain to divide the dance party from the other festivities.

The purpose of the annual Fall Fun Fest, in its fourth year, is “to give the entire student body an opportunity to come out and have fun,” Keri Adams, director of CUB, said.

Events for the night include trampolines, laser tag, virtual reality race, bumper car crash, make your own crafts and bungee ball.

Funding that was received from SFB last year will be used toward these events.

Funding for the video dance party, which has been part of the event in past years, was asked for in a separate request this year. The request, however, was denied.

“When an organization is appropriated funds in the budget for an event, should we be appropriating additional funds later on?” Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, asked.

Sneha Gandhi, senior representative, said Adams admitted they made a mistake when doing the budget last year. “They did lose out on money that they might have had already otherwise,” Gandhi said.

“Will the event truly benefit from the extra $3,000 when it has already been given $17,198?” Gross asked.

“TCNJ doesn’t seem like the kind of campus that gets down for $3,000,” Jared Breunig, director of communications, said.

“If the latenighter dance party is packed, then why wouldn’t the Fall Fun Fest dance party be packed?” Mike Becktel, representative at large, asked.

Rachel Forman, junior representative, said that last year she observed more people concentrating on all the other events, with hardly anyone at the dance party.

The necessity of the curtain was debated as well. “$1,000 to rent a curtain,” Becktel said. “Jesus.”

The curtain, Adams said, is the same one that has been rented every year. Becktel suggested buying the curtain and reusing it every year.

“The SFB is here to allocate student funds,” Rachel Levy, junior representative said. “This does sound fun, but after hearing the list of everything else there will be, it just seems sort of superfluous,” Levy said.

“If these are things everyone looks forward to going to every year, maybe it is worth it,” Gross said.

Gross said, however, “this year we have to be more cognizant of the fact that we don’t have as much money as in previous years.”

“There are a lot of things but they cater to everybody,” Gandhi

said. “You need a variety because there’s a diverse kind of people.”

“They’re billing this as the pinnacle of the event,” Mary Ennis, director of external relations said, “but it seems like they’re already catering to everybody even without this.”

Becktel suggested giving some money, since the money for lodging would be needed regardless.

In the remainder of the meeting, Jamie Gusrang was elected as a senior representative. SFB made plans to train and elect two freshman representatives.


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