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Finance director adds appropriations updates to weekly meetings

SFB director of finance, Jennyfer Nesci, will now provide the board with an appropriation update at the beginning of every meeting.

The appropriations this week consisted of $6,000 for the Multicultural Award, $12,000 for capital equipment, $10,000 for conference requests, $7,500 for new club budgets and $25,300 for special appropriations.

The Women’s Club Soccer and Men’s Club Lacrosse teams made conference requests for tournaments. SFB raised the personal contributions for team members in each of these requests to $15 a piece.

As a result, Women’s Club Soccer received $374 with a unanimous vote, while Men’s Club Lacrosse received $530 with a vote of 11-2-0.

The Women’s Club Soccer team wanteds $474 to attend the Yale Women’s Club Soccer Tournament on Oct. 18, at Yale University.

Robyn Faruolo, vice president of the team, said there would be three games for the team to play on the same day. To get there in time, they would have to leave at 5:30 a.m.

The team would like to stay at a hotel the night prior to the tournament.

Faruolo said because the team was invited suddenly there was no time to fundraise for the event.

The money the team has from previous fundraisers will be used for new uniforms.

The 19 girls and one coach expected to attend the tournament agreed to pay personal contributions of $10.

Nesci said she was shocked about the minimal contribution of only $10 each.

Joe Schramm, SGA liaison, said if they each contributed $10 more, that would be $200 more off the cost.

“The only thing is they’re always paying a little for each of these games and things they go to,” Sneha Gandhi, senior representative, said. “They never request anything for all those times.”

Mike Becktel, representative at large, motioned for $374, with the personal contribution raised to $15 a person. This motion passed 13-0-0.

The Men’s Club Lacrosse team also requested money for a hotel so they wouldn’t have to leave at 5 a.m. The team plans to attend the Beaver Classic Tournament on Oct. 12, at Lock

Haven University in Pa., where they will also play three games in the same day.

Last year the team also attended the tournament, but was able to stay at a house. This year, the house available would be too small for the 20 expected players.

According to team member Chris Haggerty, the team already has to pay $175 for the tournament fee, so they don’t have money allocated for a hotel.

The team also requested $50 for tolls incurred in travel, in addition to the money requested for gas. Each team member agreed to contribute $10.

“Last week they went pretty much out of pocket for Maryland. Be lenient,” Jared Breunig, director of communications, said.

According to Haggerty, the team sold t-shirts to fundraise, but the money from this is not available yet.

SFB seemed skeptical about the $50 requested to pay for tolls. Todd McCrary, current advisor of the SFB, said there is a route to take to Lock Haven University that does not charge tolls.

Julian Gomez, sophomore representative, noted that the SFB had just motioned for the Women’s Club Soccer team to pay $15 each in personal contributions. “We should raise this team’s contributions to $15 each, too,” Gomez said.

Gandhi motioned for $530, which raised the personal contribution to $15 and removed the toll money from the request.

The Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) requested $47 from SFB. According to President Yasmilka Sarmiento, the purpose of MAPS is to provide career information for anyone in the health field. Activities include visiting hospitals and medical schools.

Sarmiento said the club is not only for medicine. “We are also trying to get panels of speakers in health but not strictly for medicine,” she said. “We want more students involved, to help them in whatever careers they want to go into.”

Plans are currently in the works to have a motivational speaker come to campus on Oct. 22.

MAPS’ request includes a $10 banner to be used at various events and activities fairs, and publicity.

The publicity includes two-color copies. Rachel Levy, junior representative, said she never sees others use the two-color copies.

A motion for full funding of $47 passed 12-1-0.

Gross said the meeting ran much quicker than in previous weeks.

Forman said that this could be due to the absence of Mike Cilia, SGA vice president of Administration and Finance.


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