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DeGraw to perform in Kendall Hall Nov. 6

The College Union Board (CUB), after some wrangling over potential concert dates, will be bringing singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw to Kendall Hall Nov. 6.

The show will start at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6, an hour earlier than concerts usually start, to accommodate the fact that it will be a Sunday, with classes being held the following morning.

“I know that it’s a little unorthodox to have a Sunday concert on campus, but that was the only date he was available,” Caitlin Gaughan, director of CUB said.

CUB originally submitted the dates of Nov. 4, 5 and 8 along with the bid to DeGraw. However, because of travel plans, he was unable to come for any of the dates.

DeGraw is leaving for Ireland after the concert, which is why, according to Gaughan, he could not perform at the College Nov. 8. DeGraw had already accepted gigs on the weekend dates CUB had previously submitted.

Originally, CUB went to the Student Finance Board (SFB) to ask for funding with Oct. 22 as the tentative date for the concert. However, after the offer was approved, CUB contacted its liaison at Concert Ideas, a middle agency, who said DeGraw had been offered a spot opening for Sheryl Crow.

According to Gaughan, he rerouted his tour dates, and that was when the dates in November opened.

“(DeGraw) tried to see if he could switch when he is going to fly out to Dublin,” Gaughan said, but he was unable to. According to Gaughan, DeGraw was interested in performing at the College and suggested the Nov. 6 date.

The bid, according to Nicole Gough, CUB events coordinator, was $30,000.

CUB agreed to a Nov. 6 concert, and though the show will now be on a Sunday, a good turnout is anticipated.

“Since word got around that Gavin might be coming, and now that he is, a lot of students seem excited and are already asking about ticket sales,” Gaughan said.

Lauren Roccia, junior communications major, said “(DeGraw is) one of my favorite singers, and it’s amazing that he’s actually coming to (the College).” She is hoping that for an opening act, DeGraw will bring another singer/songwriter, Michael Tolcher, who has opened for DeGraw in the past.

DeGraw will be bringing an opener as part of a package deal, but that artist has not been named as of yet.

Primarily due to time and financial constraints, the College probably will not include a second opener, Gaughan said.

When asked if DeGraw would be available after the show for autographs and pictures, Gaughan said it is not required as per the contract, so there are no promises.

Gaughan added that although she is happy with all other parts of the deal, if she had her way, the event would be in the Recreation Center, not Kendall Hall. “The problem that we have been having with the Rec Center is a little complicated,” she said.

There are a number of regulations, including how many staff members are needed, whether the center approves the day CUB requests, and whether it is affordable to rent a stage as well as other equipment already built in to Kendall.

“Ideally, we would like concerts in the Rec Center because more students would have the opportunity to enjoy the show,” Gaughan said.

Bringing a show to campus is a difficult feat, between picking dates, getting funding and picking an artist/act who would generally appeal to the campus community while also offering variety from year to year.

“When it comes to planning concerts, until a deal is made, everything is up in the air and it’s hard with timing with all of the different channels we have to go through, like SFB,” Gaughan said. “But (SFB has) been really good to work with because they understand the process and time constraints and how, in the span of a day or an hour, a whole tour could change, and thus change our options.”

Cost is also a large factor, Gaughan said, as many costs beyond the bid, including those for meals for the artists, are necessary.

Ticket sales will begin Oct. 19.


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