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The white-hottest, most top competitive school ever!

We’ve all heard the rhetoric, the “public ivy” line so enthusiastically pitched by the administration, we’ve all read the articles and seen the rankings. We know we all go to a pretty good school, a school that has made incredible leaps in the last decade toward becoming one of the more prestigious public institutions in the country. We’ve gone from being a predominantly commuter school, a teacher’s college, to one of the more respected public liberal arts institutions around.

But do we really need to be reminded of it every time we want to check our e-mail?

To us humble folk down here at The Signal, the layout of the College’s new Web site seems just a touch arrogant.

Check it out: logging on to the College’s main page, users are greeted with one of three introductions.

1) “One of the Nation’s Most Competitive Schools.” A label pulled from Barron’s Profile of American Colleges.

2) “The Top Public Institution in the U.S. Northern Region.” This refers to the ranking given to the College by U.S. News & World Report. This one seems like kind of a misnomer, as the College actually ranks fourth – behind Villanova University, Providence College and Loyola College in Maryland.

And, lastly:

3) “The HOT college.” This one’s a citation of a New York Times article that appeared in June. It should be noted that the capitalization is courtesy of the College’s Web designers. “The College of New Jersey – having shaken off its old name, Trenton State, and its mantle as a mediocre teacher’s college – has arrived,” the article reads.

While this may seem nitpicky of us, we’re just not big fans of self-aggrandizement. Besides, we think the College’s new found excellent reputation may be a little too new-found for us to start climbing on top of any high horses. Because, who knows, maybe all this heat is just a flash in the pan – and hubris is a bitch.

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