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Memories in the bracket madness

Butler University destroyed brackets across the country when the team upset No. 1- seeded Pittsburgh in the third round of this year’s NCAA tournament. How’s your bracket now? (AP Photo)

March: It’s the most wonderful time of the year — in my opinion, at least.


Spring, my birthday and that seemingly silly basketball tournament in which many people become way too emotionally — and financially — invested.

Yet, I too am guilty of spending hours watching those games, and filling out a bracket in the hopes of predicting the unpredictable.

But what do I know about sports?

My women’s and gender studies minor and failed attempts at being an adolescent rec. basketball all -star would predict the answer: little to nothing.

Although it may frustrate those who scour over statistics and have their eyes glued to the screen throughout the entire season to have someone like me enter their pool, I believe it’s better that way.

I think the magic of the madness lies in the fact that as many hours as one spends scrutinizing a piece of paper, what will happen can surprise you.

Personally, last Thursday I was pulling for Princeton, a 14 seed and our neighboring college, to beat one of last year’s elite eight contenders: Kentucky.

As many predicted, Kentucky took the win. But what people didn’t expect, the team only won by two within two seconds of the final buzzer.

This little incident goes to show that anything is possible.

Unfortunately for me, I am currently in second-to-last place in the pool to which I submitted a bracket. (I had picked Pittsburgh to be the national champion, not only because of their adorable panther mascot, but also the fact that they were a first-seeded team).

Lucky for me, I got over it and can look back on the situation recognizing that lessons learned from the tournament can be applicable to all aspects of life.

Expect the unexpected. As many hours as you can spend planning things, they will go wrong and there’s bound to be upsets.

As I found myself stressing over the outcome, I realized — it’s a college basketball game. I am not participating nor does it have any lasting effects on my life. I quickly calmed down.

In the end, it’s all about the fun in the process.

Whether you win or lose, the more enjoyable part is looking back fondly on the memories of watching the game with friends.

— Jamie Primeau


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