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Fond farewells to The Signal

Editor-in-Chief Caroline Russomanno (far left) and Managing Editor Katie Brenzel (far right) bid a final goodbye, recalling long Mondays, time with friends and narwhals. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Editor)

For the last three years, I didn’t exist to the world on Mondays. I left my room in the morning and told my friends I’d see them Tuesday. I’d emerge from the bowels of the Student Center at ungodly hours and stagger back to the soundtrack of birds just waking up. Goddamn birds.

I don’t want to say The Signal made my “college experience” — whatever that really means — but it did. I seriously considered transferring my freshman year and raged a passive aggressive war against the College. I don’t want to say that The Signal was a major reason for my decision against this, but it was. I’m sure to some this seems like a fairly pathetic reason. I don’t care. Sure, my résumé is better for the experience. Which is great. (PLEASE HIRE ME!) But also, it provided me with a place at the College. I know, sappy. I even contemplated adopting a minor to avoid graduating a year early, so that I could take on the position of Editor-in-Chief. Admittedly, I’m not sure I’m ready to leave The Signal.

I’ve met some of the most intelligent, ambitious and insane people at The Signal; people I greatly respect and consider my friends. I will miss our C-Store runs, and I will miss scolding them about correct comma usage. And, perhaps most of all, I will miss the 3 a.m. versions of these people. You’d be surprised how your peers’ personalities morph at this hour. For instance, you may all discover that narwhals are the most magnificent creatures on the planet and deserve a place of honor everywhere. BECAUSE THEY DO.

Despite how much I complained, despite the insomnia and caffeine-induced squiggle vision each Monday brought, I believe that The Signal has defined my time at TCNJ — that’s right, TCNJ, not the College. Good luck to the new staff — I know you all will continue doing a stellar job. Keep microwaving lions, braving the Oregon Trail and always honor “Narwhal time.” In other words: Stay brilliant, stay weird.

—Katie Brenzel

How has The Signal changed my life? Let me count the ways.

It took me off the fast track to a teaching job and happy days

because a certain Joe said “What are you doing down here?”

and so I decided to become a journalism major – a new career!

Since Christie cut school funding, that doesn’t matter now;

I don’t think I really want to be a journalist anyhow.

I’ll be a starving artist or perhaps a PR rep, but one thing’s for sure:

No matter what, my Signal memories will help me endure.

There will always be a little Jeff, dancing in my heart,

Todd will be reading literature and picking it apart,

Bobby will always wear that light blue hat in my mind,

and Jamie will be making outfits for Roger with whatever she can find.

Brandon knows his sports; Alyssa was always ready with Opinions.

Tom took amazing photos and recruited awesome photo minions.

Hilarey likes the Red Sox, but I still like her anyway.

Emily really came into her own and she’ll definitely have her day.

Matt’s a talented guy and I couldn’t have passed EIC to anyone better,

Katie B has become like a sister to me and I will really miss her,

But I know that all I have to do is click my heels together

And I’ll be back in my home away from home, my beloved Signal lair.

It has truly been a life-changing experience, some bad, mostly good. But that little freshman is super happy that she decided to go to that interest session so long ago! Thank you for an awesome four years, guys. I’ll miss you all and I’ll never forget my time down in our basement.

— Caroline Russomanno


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