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Pranksters’ Paradise

Though it’s a little bit late, Signal editors share their personal favorite pranks for April Fool’s Day. Who cares if it’s after the holiday? No one will expect any of these things coming their way.

Years ago, a good friend of mine wrapped her arm up in bandages and put it in a sling. She went through the entire school day getting pity and not doing any written work (because it was her writing arm in the sling). She even got out of gym class. Needless to say, everyone was shocked when she tore it off at the end of the day and shouted “April Fools!” Of course, the best part was that April Fool’s Day was still a month away.

Brianna Gunter, Editor-in-Chief

A few of The Signal’s editors share April Fool’s Day pranks that can be performed on friends and relatives right in your very own bathroom. (AP Photo)

I would go ahead and place Saran wrap delicately about the toilet bowl very early in the morning, when your roommate goes to relieve themself they will be mindblown by the forcefield deflecting their urine back at them.

Brendan McGrath, Features Editor

For April Fool’s Day this year, I kept my prank simple yet effective. After visiting several jewelry stores and quickly learning that trying on engagement rings and taking pictures of them is not allowed, I settled with a cheap cubic zirconia ring. On the morning of April Fool’s Day, I placed the fake ring on my ring finger, took a picture with my phone, uploaded it to Facebook with the caption, “!!!” and let the comments fly. Twenty-one comments, 25 likes and countless calls and texts later, I would say that my prank was a success.

Kelly Johnson, News Editor

Every year I would stick a bandage horizontally across the faucet in the bathroom, so that when it turned on, the water would shoot out of the sides and splash whoever used it. Almost every time my dad would forget the prank from the year before, and water would land right on the front of his pants.

Jamie Primeau, Managing Editor

I think a great prank would be starting one of those celebrity death rumors on Twitter. I mean, the world could do without Miley Cyrus, right? Or maybe make it more believable and kill off Lindsay Lohan.

Alex Wolfe, Sports Editor


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