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Making the web work for you — the main sites

The College will tell you time and again that email is their official means of communication.

Most of you have probably figured out already that you can find it under the Google Apps icon.

What you may not realize is that this also provides a wonderful Google docs/drive platform that allows you to do and share work across many computers.

Best of all, it has a great calendar that, along with your email, can be synced to just about any smart phone.

We recommend you use this service to the full. It provides a great opportunity for sharing work and keeping yourself on schedule.

Bills. Grades. Course selection.

All of these can be found on PAWS, the College’s web service that allows students to access their private information and extend auxiliary access to their parents.

You’ve probably seen this already, but it will appear again.

Every time you need to pay your bill (whether for room and board, tuition, fines or a parking decal next year) you’ll go here.

In November, this site will provide you with your registration time. You will be able to shop through your classes, and then when the time comes, attempt to enroll.

SOCS helps you connect with your classes. You can email anyone in your class through this site, and depending on your professor’s style, you may be able to do much more.

SOCS has the ability to provide updated grade information, discussions among the class, attendance records and resources that your professor posts.

While SOCS is not perfect (and will, in fact, be making its way out at the end of the year), it can make things a lot easier.

It connects groups and saves you a lot of effort in finding resources. Use it as best you can and your freshman year will be better for it.

Brendan McGrath



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