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With spring’s end, funding arises for the fall

As the spring semester winds down, programming for the fall semester has wound up as the College Union Board was funded for two high volume requests by the Student Finance Board on Wednesday, April 24.

CUB was funded for $67,810 to hold the Fall Concert in hopes of getting Grouplove and Mayday Parade to come to the College. The tickets will cost $10 each for students and the concert is set to be held in the Recreation Center. Other group choices for the concert include Panic! At the Disco, Icona Pop, Tegan and Sara and the Wonder Years.

In addition, CUB was funded for $48,440 to be used toward the Fall Comedy Show in hopes of getting comedian, Aziz Ansari with John Mulaney or Mike Birbiglia. If those options don’t work out, CUB hopes to get one of their alternate options: Jay Pharaoh, B.J. Novak, Patton Oswalt or Fred Armisen.

Disagreement arose during a discussion in which members were not in favor of the increased ticket cost from $5 to $10 for students, assuming CUB gets their top choices.

“I still think the talent justifies the adjusted cost,” freshman representative Tom Athan said.

SFB funded the event by a split vote. In addition, SFB allocated $11,876.99 to the Leadership Development Program for their Fall Leadership Retreat. It will be free to all students and will hold workshops and campfire activities at Camp Green Lake.

“This is one of those awesomely, cheesy events that I would want to go to,” junior representative Kevin Garoian said.

The retreat is set to take place on Friday, Oct. 4 and Saturday, October 5.

Following, Synergy Dance Co. was allocated $7,500 to bring the Philadanco Master Class and Performance to the College on Friday, Sept. 20.

During discussion, members were concerned about hosting a “master class” for the College.

“I think that ‘master’ (class) is kind of intimidating to people,” junior representative Samantha Hoffer said. “I feel like it’s gonna be all Synergy.”

However, operations director Milana Lazareva rebutted and said, “For a beginner dancer, it will be a really good opportunity to train with professional dancers.”

Executive director Lindsay Klein agreed, adding that the campus is home to several other dance groups. SFB’s advisor Tim Asher also clarified that master classes used to be a regular part of the College’s “celebration of the arts” before financial issues.

The event was passed with the stipulation to open up sign-ups for the master class to give every student equal opportunities of attending the 90-minute class of 30 people. It will be co-sponsored by the School of Arts and Communications, which is contributing $11,000 to the event.

Finally, CUB was zero-funded for a bus trip to Myrtle Beach, as members thought it wouldn’t be worth the travel time and costs when there are closer beach points.

*Even though SFB agrees to finance certain events, there is no guarantee that these events will take place. The approval only makes funds available.


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