Sunday, June 20, 2021

Campus Style

Rachel Summer Maricic, sophomore marketing major

What are you wearing?

Right now I have on a charcoal, marbled maxi skirt from Nirvana paired with a white crop top from Mandees, a vintage elephant necklace from Bershka and gladiator sandals from Target.

How would you label your own personal style?

I would say I have more of a Boho, beachy kind of style. I always try to break the norms and make it my own by adding different colors and textures.

Where does your biggest style influence stem from?

My Croatian heritage definitely has been a huge influence on my style. I get tons of inspiration from the streets of Croatia and I like to keep tabs on some really amazing Croatian fashion photographers.

How does the fashion in Croatia differ from here?

Over there, everyone always dresses up and displays really interesting new fashion trends. You’ll never see anyone in sweatpants, T-shirts or yoga pants.

Who is your favorite designer?

Ralph Lauren is always a classic or even Etro, who is a largely known European designer.

What is one trend around campus that you just don’t understand?

I can’t really justify wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants to class. Mainly because I feel like the way you present yourself at school should be more professional, especially since we are ultimately here on a path to land ourselves a career.

What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

Definitely fall because it is so versatile. You can basically pair together pieces from your entire wardrobe. It’s fun to have a season where you have so many different options.

What fashion trends do you predict will be big this fall?

Thin, oversized sweaters with leggings paired with high socks and those little suede ankle-boots.

Embrace your cultural heritage and let your wardrobe shine. (Heather Hawkes / Columnist)

What is one piece of fashion advice that you live by?

I like mixing up my clothes and never wearing the same outfit twice. I’ll always make sure I change the jewelry combinations or layer different pieces together.


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