October 30, 2020

Fall out of harmful stereotypes of women

By Lily Firth
News Editor

Everyone loves the fall; it’s the start of cool, crisp weather, exciting holidays, bonfires, yummy pumpkin flavors and sweater season. What is frustrating about the fall, though, is the stigma that comes with it when it comes to women – if a girl likes fall, she is deemed “basic.”

Society often chastises women for what they enjoy. Whether it be boy bands, UGGs, romantic comedies or drama novels, women are insulted constantly by both men and other women for liking these products and ideas.

If a woman loves boy bands, she is deemed “crazy and obsessive,” if she loves UGGs she is called “basic and unoriginal” and if she loves romantic comedies or drama novels, that must mean that the content she likes lacks substance.

The same goes for fall-themed products of activities. If girls want to have a fun time going pumpkin picking, purchase a pumpkin-spiced coffee or own an autumn-scented candle, they are ridiculed. As a whole, our patriarchal society wants to keep putting women down.

Many women are ridiculed for their love of autumn. (Flickr)

Society wants women to feel bad, stupid and cheesy for liking what they like, yet it also shoves these products and ideas down their throats, because they market well and keep women feeling bad about themselves.

Society in general pits women against each other, such as male attention and perfecting their bodies, and fall products are no different. Society wants women to buy these things, but also congratulates women who do not conform to “stupid girly stereotypes.”

This results in a lose-lose situation for women; society markets feminine products and then berates women for buying them.

My advice for women is to do what makes yourself happy. If you don’t like traditional fall activities, then don’t take part in them, but don’t make other girls feel bad for liking them.

If you’re a woman who likes those aspects of the season, make yourself happy, because at the end of the day, who cares what society thinks?

If you like a boy who makes fun of you for interests, then he is not the one, and if your friends make fun of you, then they are not true friends. As girls we have to deal with so much as it is, so if a pumpkin-spiced latte is going to make your morning, then drink that flavorful treat.

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