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Vital Signs: Finding time to work out

By Victoria Giardina

College is a juggling act for students — in between the somewhat chaotic circus, people try to squeeze in time for exercise. If your day seems like it just has one thing after the next, here are tips for quick workouts that you can practice from the comfort of your dorm.

Invest in Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the perfect tool for strength training. Not only do various dumbbell exercises tone your body, but they also help strengthen your core and reduce lower back pain, according to SELF. Bicep curls aren’t the only exercise you can do — YouTube has tons of exercise videos you can practice for a short 10-minute workout or a longer 30-minute one. Whichever you decide, dumbbells surely will not disappoint.

Adopt a Good Stretching Routine

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and skipping a pre- and post-workout stretch. Fitness Magazine advises stretching your muscles before physical activity to prepare yourself, improve your posture and prevent injury. For extra motivation, create a pre-workout stretch playlist. A routine will eliminate muscle tightness and motivate you to develop a personal workout pattern to follow.

Make a Personalized Workout Schedule

There’s something about writing things down and crossing them off your to-do list. You don’t have to run a half-marathon at the gym every day — craft a workout plan that fits in well with your classes and other responsibilities. Exercising should be personalized and fun, but the most important thing to do is listen to your body.


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