Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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President Biden signs 17 executive orders; begins to reverse Trump directives

Biden jump-started his presidency today by signing 17 executive actions, working to reverse the decisions of the previous administration while also establishing several avenues of Covid-19 relief.

With election results underway, students are divided among party lines

 The finale of what has been described by many as the most consequential presidential election in modern history is quickly approaching, and with it, a clear-cut political divide pitting friend against friend, student against student and American against American. 

Individualism can carry detrimental implications

By Isabella Donnelly  Individualism, which emphasizes one’s ability to govern his or her own life, has come to be recognized as a cornerstone of American...

‘Trump: An American Dream’ highlights life story

President Donald Trump is a controversial figure — his name invokes a range of powerful emotions in different people, from anger to joy. What is not as well known is how exactly Trump came to be the man we know today.

Threat of nuclear war elevates between North Korea and U.S.

The United States and South Korea engaged in an annual joint military exercise on Aug. 2, according to CNN. The state-run North Korean newspaper Rodung Simnu warned against the exercise as it could further inflame the tense rhetoric between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Trump reflects changing American values

Many Americans can agree that President Donald Trump’s victory is a sign and a result of a dramatic shift in societal values.

Pope brings faith to millions in America

By Gabrielle Beacken Nation & World Editor Having travelled from Washington, D.C., to New York, to Philadelphia, Pope Francis, 78, ended his 10-day trip to the...

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