Monday, May 17, 2021
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Armstrong Hall closes for extensive renovations

In an email sent out on Jan. 15, Steven Schreiner, the dean of the School of Engineering, announced that Armstrong Hall has closed for renovations for the 2019 calendar year.

Construction does not address existing campus issues

“Is it just me, or is TCNJ under constant construction?” a girl asks her friend as she maneuvers around caution tape on the sidewalk. I happened to overhear this keen observation on my way to class last week, but almost every student at the College has either made a statement similar to this, or has heard one like it.

College needs more on-campus study spots

A vital skill that all successful students need to have in college is the ability to study effectively. This can be done in a variety ways as well as in a variety of places, such as in the library, a dorm room or even at Starbucks. Sometimes it can be helpful to study with a group of classmates or friends.

College celebrates new STEM building

Campus stakeholders and New Jersey lawmakers, including Gov. Chris Christie, celebrated the opening of the College’s new STEM Building with a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Thursday, Oct. 12.

Students discuss Tower renovations at open forum

Students had an opportunity to be a part of the discussion on the upcoming renovations of the Travers and Wolfe Halls on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Classic Signals: College continues campus renovations

This past summer, major construction projects took place around campus. Buildings such as the Brower Student Center and Science Complex have undergone several renovations, and the STEM Building will soon open its doors for students and faculty.

Campus construction progresses over summer break

Construction of the Brower Student Center, STEM Building, STEM Forum and chemistry addition are just about finished and ready for the fall semester.

Construction projects to last through summer

Campus construction has become an ubiquitous part of life at the College. From the fenced-off and refurbished Brower Student Center to the hollowed-out halls of the new STEM Building to the bare-windowed storefronts of Campus Town, the College seems to be under perpetual construction.

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