Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Student Health Services replaces Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been helping students at the College with their reproductive health concerns for the past 40 years, until now. As of this year, Planned Parenthood no longer provides services to the College community, and Student Health Services has taken on the responsibilities of providing students with accessible reproductive health care on campus.

The Chainsmokers change sound on ‘Memories’

The majority of the songs were still very enjoyable even if the sound was a little repetitive. You can hear little bits of “I Want Something Just Like This,” featuring Coldplay, in the group’s other tracks like “Don’t Say” and “Bloodstream.” But the consistency isn’t bad. It gives off a relaxed pop sound.

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ unites fans

Sheeran dropped his highly anticipated album on March 3, and he did not disappoint. Although his other albums were amazing, Sheeran outdid himself with his most recent album, “Divide.” He branched out of his comfort zone and experimented with new instruments and sounds, including two very Irish sounding songs, “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan.”

Animated musical animals compete in ‘Sing’

It’s full of humorous twists and heartwarming backstories. Every character is written so beautifully that, as a viewer, you want every animal to win the competition.
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