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What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘Always Be My Maybe’

“Always Be My Maybe” is a heartwarming film full of romantic drama focusing on the long and complex relationship between Marcus (Randall Park) and Sasha (Ali Wong).

Neon Trees have a triumphant return with ‘I Can Feel You Forgetting Me’

The Neon Trees released their fourth studio album “I Can Feel You Forgetting Me” on July 24 of this year. After a six-year hiatus between albums, the band makes a triumphant comeback about self-love and perseverance.

What We’re Watching On Netflix: ‘New Girl’

The feel-good comedy and binge-worthy show “New Girl” has been regarded as a fan-favorite throughout the 2010s. During its seven-season run starting in 2011 and concluding in 2018, the show aired on FOX weekly to showcase the talents of Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris.

What We’re Watching On Netflix: ‘Arrested Development’

Airing on FOX in 2003, “Arrested Development” stands out from the typical set of dysfunctional family sitcoms by crossing lines other shows wouldn’t dare.

What We’re Watching on Netflix: ‘The Legend Of Korra’

Swiftly following the release of “Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA)” to Netflix came its controversial sequel: “The Legend of Korra (LoK).” The series recently spent a good amount of time on Netflix’s top 10 in the U.S. list, and so became deserving of my attention.

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is still just as binge-worthy years later

Within three seasons, the show’s imaginative universe has been meticulously and elegantly crafted to recreate martial arts forms, such as Tai Chi, during action sequences with the elements. While this contributes to the epic and adventurous tone of the story, the rich characterization and heart-warming interactions between the characters are the heart of this show. 

New Yungblud EP celebrates teen angst

Yungblud’s third EP, “The Underrated Youth,” dropped on Oct. 18 with a bang. After a wildly successful North American tour, a highly rated debut album and a chart-topping hit with Blink-182’s Travis Barker and his now-ex-girlfriend, Halsey, the U.K.-born musician was ready to take his newfound, mainstream success to the next level.

Fantano drops needle, knowledge on audience

Fantano’s YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, is dedicated to reviewing and recommending new music. He also gave advice to students looking to build an online platform.

WTSR New Noise: Flyte and Django Django

This week, WTSR music staff highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation. Band Name: Flyte Album...

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