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Senior’s graphic design account serves as a portfolio and a business

A senior at the College and the creative mind behind @eundesigns, Eunice Olugbile is a public mass communications major with artistic ambition. Her Instagram account serves as an online portfolio, containing school and business projects. She also sells digital portraits.

Frustration with racial bias incident sparks controversy

When Tian-na Green submitted a bias incident report, she had faith that the Office of Student Conduct would have her back. But as the five-hour trial went on, she slowly sank into the feeling that these administrators had a different priority — preserving the College’s reputation.

Panel praises students’ community-based art projects

Speakers, creatives and spectators of all artistic realms were awestruck by the meaningful art showcased along with the wise words of advice that came from the professional artists on the expert panel during the Sight Specific: “The Art of Community” exhibit on Wednesday, September 19th in the Art and Interactive Multimedia building.

CUB Alt presents Remo Drive featuring Ditz and Nervous Dater

Students enjoyed the final alternative jam session of the semester in the Brower Student Center on April 24, hosted by the College Union Board. The concert featured underground bands Remo Drive, the headliner, Nervous Dater and Ditz, the two openers.

Facebook ‘friend’ intimidates student

On March 6, at approximately 7:10 a.m., a male student arrived at Campus Police Headquarters to report an attempt of extortion. He told Campus Police that he received a Facebook friend request on March 5 from an account with the name of a female individual who he did not recognize.

Students party too hard before spring break

On Feb. 27, at about 11:35 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the College’s tennis courts regarding a student under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, police said.

Transfer student feels welcome at College

Before I made the decision to transfer colleges, I was told by teachers, family and peers that it wasn’t going to be easy.

Res Ed should respect students’ privacy

It wasn’t until a recent experience that I had while living in one of the College’s townhouse complexes that I felt the need to voice my doubts about Res Ed and their lack of concern over student privacy.

Campus MovieFest debuts student films

CMF provided computers, software, cameras and sound equipment for students to write, shoot and edit their own 5-minute films in one week. Out of 46 films, 16 were screened, and only four were granted Jury Awards to advance to the national level.

Student blacksmith shares story

Everything happens for a reason. That’s what Daniel Lapidow, a senior career and community studies major, believes.

Students shine in CUB Alt Soloist Night

The performers were grateful to CUB Alt and the audience for the chance to showcase their creativity. “The night went better than I could have hoped,” Lundy said. “I was in the company of friends doing what I love and having a great time. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share my music.”

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