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Campus Police was dispatched to the Brower Student Center to investigate a report of theft on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 4:15 p.m.

Upon arrival, Campus Police spoke with the manager who informed them that person(s) unknown entered the student center and removed a brown industrial 4×8 foot rug from the west entryway.

At the time of the theft, the student center was open.

There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

Campus Police was dispatched to the Brower Student Center on Saturday, Feb. 15 at approximately 8 p.m. in order to investigate a report of criminal mischief.

Upon arrival, the student center manager said that he observed approximately four to five males enter the snack bar area and walk on the tables.

When he confronted the individuals, they walked toward the box office. One of the men kicked the window causing it to buckle out of form. He said that he recognized one of the individuals.

Investigation revealed that the person recognized did not cause the damage, but he was present with the unknown person who is 6’2,” 190 lbs. with black hair.

All suspects exited the building before Campus Police arrived. There is no further information at this time.

A student at the College and her father met with Campus Police on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at approximately 8:15 p.m. to report harassment.

The victim explained that starting early Saturday, Feb. 15 morning around 2:30 a.m., she had been receiving “anonymous” phone calls to her cell phone.

On occasion, the unidentified caller has left her obscene messages on her voicemail. She gave Campus Police a hand-written log of when she received these calls, including the dates and times.

When asked if she knew of anyone it could possibly be, she said it could be a guy she just met the previous week at a party.

She believed that a friend of hers could have given him her cell phone number without her knowledge.

Campus Police advised her to continue monitoring her cell phone and to also ask her friends if they gave out the number.

She is to notify Campus Police if the messages become threatening in any way or if she found out who was making the calls.

There is no further information at this time.

New Residence Hall staff called in a robbery report on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 9:15 p.m.

Upon arrival, a 21-year-old male was in the front lobby with two plastic bags of property in his possession, one bag containing four VCR tapes and another containing a VCR.

A check of the residence revealed that the room was unoccupied. The resident of the room had said, “He entered the room and started taking things, VCR tapes, so I left the room.”

She further said that she went to the site office to report the situation.

He was transported to Campus Police Station where he was read his Miranda rights and questioned about what had occurred.

He said that he and the victim, his girlfriend, had a disagreement while at his residence and he asked her to take him to the College.

He had intentions of breaking off the relationship and wanted his property back, which was located in her room in New Residence Hall.

When he asked her to bring him back to the College, the girlfriend said “No.” When he said “I’ll take myself” as he grabbed her car keys, she said, “Whatever,” and he left his residence.

Both the complaintant and the victim refused to sign charges against the man. It was confirmed that all the property that was taken was his.

No further action was taken at this time. However, he was advised that if he returned to the College he would be arrested for trespassing.


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