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Beaches over books

College kids should go on some sort of trip over Spring break. We work hard (well, other people do) all semester and by the time break rolls around folks are about to have breakdowns from the stress that comes along with classes, jobs and the other crap we deal with on a daily basis.

I know, come break, all I wanted to do was leave. I didn’t care where or how.

I would suggest at least getting away for at least a portion of he break even if it’s just a little road or day trip. You have been sprung from the daily grind of stuff to do. Do not spend your time off catching up on work. For this, there is no excuse.

I’m sorry if you did all of your work while you are on break; you are a huge nerd! There really is no other way to say it.

If you spent your break at home, you should have spent your time hanging out with friends, eating your parents food, sitting in front of a television and sleeping at least 10 hours a day.

Don’t get me wrong for the last two spring breaks I was home in front of the tube, being a couch potato. I finally got to go somewhere this break, and it was great to get out of New Jersey.

I am what some might call a sheltered child. Before this past year, the farthest I had been from home was Pennsylvania.

Over break I went to Seattle. Not only did I get to leave the state, but also I got to ride on a plane.

Luckily, I knew the people sitting on either side of me. As I leaned over my friend sitting by the window, I made sure to call out “look a field,” “is that a lake? No wait more fields” and “ooo a river and more fields.”

I am sure that the rest of the folks who were flying the friendly skies appreciated me keeping them abreast on the field-to-water ratio. Needless to say I was excited. (Thanks to Master Richard Dent, we now know what happens when you push the man with the cup’s button.)

Traveling can be expensive, but if you do it right you can still have a really good time and put out relatively little cash. Bring along some pals to help you pay for the posh room at the Econolodge. If possible to do so, drive to your destination (woo road trips). Also, no one said you had to go out to eat every night. Get yourself some bread, peanut butter and a cup of hotel tap water and you are golden.

Whatever you decide to do, please remember that after a week, the break is over. Class forces you right back into the groove and you have to get all the stuff done that you should not have done during the week. So take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Anything that you could have done over break can be fit nicely into an all night catch up fest when you get back. Trust me, if you bring work home with you, you will only feel guilty for not doing it. You may take the books out, pile them nicely on the desk you used back in good old highschool, but you won’t open a single one of those bitches.

Challenge yourself with new more extensive methods of procrastination.. Be lazy.. Slack off. Who cares? You shouldn’t. You should be relaxing.

What is that you say? You have a paper due, a midterm to study for. Wah Wah Wah. It’s a vacation, VACATE!

Maybe I’m asking for too much. I am my own breed of slacker. However, I am willing to help out the procrastinationally challenged.

Just make checks payable to “Heather’s Spring Break ’04 Fund” and I will be happy to carefully mold and instruct those willing to learn how to put everything off to the last possible minute.


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