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Singal is more than just laughs

What is funny?

Turns out, we here at The Signal aren’t so sure. For a number of reasons.

First off, one must consider the nature of these strange, strange times. When war exists there is a sudden change in what is considered appropriate and what is not.

Second, one must learn from the past. Last year at this time, a certain batch of very special Signals disappeared from their kiosks. Apparently, certain members of the administration (various higher-ups) just don’t find profanity funny.

The lesson learned: people like different things. So, how do you make sense of an abstract word? And how do you determine what the The Singal means to not just us, the Signal staff, but the campus in general?

The result is this year’s Singal, a 12-page conglomeration of satire, parody and yuks-yuks (hopefully). Will some of you be offended? Probably. As the old saying goes, “you can’t please all of the people, all of the time.” Should you be offended? Well, we can’t tell you not to be.

But remember this: No matter how you look at it, The Singal is about more than just laughs a’ plenty. It has something to do with free speech, too. Last year’s Singal debacle represented missteps on part of The Signal and the administration. Our mistake involved what many saw as a misuse of our voice. The administration’s misstep we saw as a testimony to the existence of censorship.

We hope with that this Singal proves that we have learned a lesson. Our hope is that others have, too.

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