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Three budget appeals approved

Budget appeals were granted to the Jewish Student Union (JSU), the College Intramural and Recreation Department and The Signal by a majority vote.

The JSU requested that the budget for two programs, its Passover Seder Dinners and Shabbat Dinners, be reviewed.

Funds for the Passover Seder were not granted in the 2003-04 draft because the page was missing from the original budget proposal.

The total amount requested, $800, was granted for the Passover Seder, but no additional funds were appropriated for the Shabbat Dinners.

The Intramural and Recreation Department appealed the decision to cut its $5,500 equipment budget.

Members claimed that because the costly equipment is used by the entire student population as well as for special events that include the entire campus, the funds are essential.

The SFB accepted this claim and the organization was granted $5,651.

“I was happy about their request,” Chairperson Renee Marchioni said.

“SFB gives a lot of funding to them,” she added. “They stressed that the turnover rate was so high they needed to replenish it every year. It was great to see they were using the budget appropriately.”

The Signal appealed for six positions to be paid that were cut from the budget last year. Funding was approved to pay two of the six requested positions in a total of $858.

The Student Government Association (SGA) was granted $2,000 of a special appropriation request of $12,000 to fund the Pick-A-Prof online evaluation system by a vote of 7-1-2.

The program is designed to allow students to provide professors with anonymous feedback at any time during the semester and to allow professors to share course-related information.

The $12,000 request included three one-year contracts.

The first, covering 2002-03 totaled $2,000, while the second and third, covering 2003-04 and 2004-05, respectively, totaled $5,000 each.

SFB granted funds for the first contract only. “We gave them the first year’s funding,” Marchioni said. “I think it will have potential once people hear about it.”

The Black Student Union (BSU) was granted full funding of $4,835 special appropriation request for their annual Fashion Show by a vote of 9-1-0.

BSU allocated $200 of its own budget for the show, which took place on April 5.

The Society for Human Resource Management was granted its full request of $388 to attend the Area One Regional Games and Conference by a vote of 9-1-0.

Six students requested to participate in the conference, which they claimed acts as an opportunity for students to network and compete against other universities based on knowledge of human resource topics.


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